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A Modern Glasses Guide to Impress

A Modern Guide to Modern Glasses Our fashion blog says that timeless is the new modern when it comes to glasses. Retro styles are dominating the runways and the pages of fashion magazines right now. Of course, the retro favorites … Continue reading

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The Magic of Cool Glasses

The Magic of Cool Glasses Our fashion blog thought of the day: Close your eyes and think about the mysterious stranger from a recent movie you saw. Take a minute to dream about that rock star you’ve had a crush … Continue reading

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Wayfarer Glasses Are in Fashion

Wayfarer Sunglasses Are the New Way in Fashion Our fashion blog has noticed that there are so many styles of sunglasses that have had their day in the sun. Aviator glasses, big glasses and rimless glasses have all dominated the … Continue reading

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Cool Glasses: Art and Style

The Art of Choosing Cool Glasses for Gentlemen What makes a man? Some say clothing. Others might refer to status. Of course, everyone in the fashion world, including our fashion blog,  knows that spectacles and the partner on his side … Continue reading

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Hipster Glasses are here!

Hipster Glasses Our fashion blog agrees that cool glasses are functional and fashionable. With a wide variety of options available to choose from, today’s eyeglass wearer needn’t hide his or her personality behind a pair of lackluster frames. In fact, … Continue reading

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Cute Glasses to Fall in Love with

The World Is Falling in Love with Cute Glasses Our fashion blog knows that whether you want to look like the smart girl next door or the guy everybody has a crush on, You might be surprised by just how … Continue reading

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