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Candies Glasses Are Sweeter Than Ever

Candies Glasses Are Sweeter Than Ever Our fashion blog knows that you’re probably already familiar with the Candie’s label. Who hasn’t seen the vibrant, youthful ads that showcase why Candies glasses is the brand so many stylish ladies turn to … Continue reading

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Meet DKNY Glasses

Meet DKNY Our fashion blog knows that it’s hard to open a magazine or turn on the television without seeing someone in DKNY glasses. DKNY has become one of the most treasured eyewear brands in the world because it offers … Continue reading

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Ray-Ban Glasses: Looking Forward

Looking Forward With Ray-Ban Glasses    Ray-Ban is a brand that sets the standard when it comes to cool, casual styles. Ray-Ban glasses products are beloved by everyone from weekend warriors to devoted surfers. The Ray-Ban brand is unique because … Continue reading

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Balenciaga Glasses In Fashion

Balenciaga Glasses In Fashion The world celebrates Balenciaga glasses because of the brand’s reputation for creating beautiful, rare eyewear designs. The brand combines hints of vintage class with cutting-edge style to create a look that is polished and stunning. This … Continue reading

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Original Penguin glasses

Original Penguin Glasses Original Penguin eyewear definitely lives up to its cool name. Of course, you don’t have to travel to the South Pole to enjoy the sporty, sophisticated look that this brand offers. Most people know Penguin as an … Continue reading

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Wayfarer Glasses Are in Fashion

Wayfarer Sunglasses Are the New Way in Fashion Our fashion blog has noticed that there are so many styles of sunglasses that have had their day in the sun. Aviator glasses, big glasses and rimless glasses have all dominated the … Continue reading

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A Spotlight on Horn Rimmed Glasses

A Spotlight on Horn Rimmed Glasses There’s just something about horn rimmed glasses that inspires admiration and intrigue. Our fashion blog reviews that there’s a good chance you’ve seen people around the office or on the street wearing retro cool … Continue reading

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Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Our glasses fashion blog reviews buying prescription glasses online has never been easier, more affordable or given customers as many options for frames as it does today. Gone are the days of scheduled fittings and adjustments. More importantly, ordering glasses … Continue reading

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