The Lafont Glasses Look

The Lafont Glasses Look

Lafont glasses

Our fashion blog knows that the Lafont glasses eyewear label has been crafting some of the world’s most beautiful frames since 1923. This Parisian brand embodies the best of European design and craftsmanship. Each frame it creates is a celebration of form, function and quality. Running your fingers over a pair of Lafont glasses is like touching the love child of silky velvet and hardened diamonds. These are the best glasses to choose if you’re craving a look that is as romantic and whimsical as it is practical. Lafont frames are known for being extremely durable and comfortable. In a world of disposable fashion eyewear, this label is more important than ever because of the way it stays committed to delivering high-quality designs that are made to stand the test of time. In fact, Lafont is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to stylish prescription lenses. Each pair of glasses in the brand’s current collection is practical enough to serve as a favorite everyday accessory. It can be quite fun to walk around in frames that draw attention with their charming details, impeccable shape and prismatic colors. Anything is possible when you consider that decades of innovation, beauty and quality stand behind the treasured Lafont label.

The World’s Love Affair With Lafont Glasses

Sometimes you just can’t fake it when it comes to class and craftsmanship. The difference between eyewear created by the genuine Lafont label and all the imitators on the market today is crystal clear. The Lafont brand is one of the great symbols of Parisian culture that the world is attracted to. Each collection released by the brand is eagerly anticipated by fashion insiders. What is it that makes Lafont eyewear so celebrated? The brand consistently delivers frames that offer impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite details. Loyal devotees of the brand know they can expect a comfortable, secure fit whenever they purchase frames. Of course, the pure beauty of each frame is what truly makes Lafont an iconic brand. It is important to think of each frame as being crafted instead of picturing the typical way eyewear is manufactured. The French have made a true art out of creating frames that feature perfect lines and heavenly proportions.

Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Love Lafont

Lafont glasses are in high demand in Hollywood. The brand has a number of high-profile customers who stay loyal season after season. Superstar Megan Fox is routinely photographed wearing her Lafont glasses. Other stars who love Lafont include Lindsay Lohan, Rashida Jones, Alicia Keys and Ariel Winter. These powerful, stylish women all know that they can look sexy and brainy when they wear Lafont frames. Of course, Hollywood’s leading men aren’t shy about the fact they love Lafont when it’s time to cover their eyes from the glare of the camera’s lens. Justin Timberlake and Robert Downey Jr. are both fans of the brand.

Pinning Down the Look of Lafont

lafont modelIt’s not easy for one brand to offer looks that are elegant, playful, stylish and vibrant. Lafont manages to stay on the cutting edge of eyewear design without betraying the classic beauty that the brand is known for. Every single frame designed by the brand tells a Parisian love story that is dripping with romance, drama and intrigue. What are the characteristics that make up the signature look of Lafont? Lafont is known for creating petite, streamlined frames that deliver an understated look. In a world of large frames, Lafont’s ability to create small frames that make big statements is quite remarkable. Of course, the brand does occasionally release larger frames. These frames are perfectly proportioned to make a bold statement without appearing garish or cheap. Devotees of the brand can rest assured that they will always look fresh and sophisticated when they trust their eyes to Lafont.

LaFont Oakland Sunglasses
lafont glassesWhen was the last time you found frames that really reached out and grabbed you? This look offers a delicious update on all the style rules you usually follow when choosing eyewear. These glasses make it so easy to look cool, current and in control whenever you show up someplace. They are perfect for fun weekend getaways on the yacht or the smooth ride to work during the daily commute. This is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a full plastic rim. Have you been looking everywhere for square frames that aren’t dull? This design combines retro elements with modern sophistication to provide an irresistible look. Choose from tortoise, blue, black or green when making these frames your own.

Lafont Luna Eyeglasses
lafont glassesThese glasses simply can’t be put in a box. They effortlessly cut through genres and expectations to create one of the most stunning looks the eyewear world has seen in years. This model features a rectangular shape that has been modified to look more streamlined than any other glasses on the market today. They are made of hypoallergenic plastic that feels deliciously soft to the touch. They have been carefully designed to bring out all of the features that make a woman look strong and feminine. What makes this design especially remarkable is that it is available in a range of bright, eye-catching colors. You can choose from a red-based tortoise pattern and a green-based tortoise pattern. There are also deliciously rich shades of black, pink, purple and panther to pick.

Lafont Fauve Sunglasses
lafont glassesMake every moment a Hollywood moment when you party in these cool shades. This is the ultimate style to pick if you’re looking for rectangular shades with rounded edges. You’ll love this look if you’re a fan of thick frames that can make a huge statement. The European design and careful engineering behind this look are evident at first glance. You’ll love the smooth, polished vibe that these frames provide from the very first moment you slide them on. These glasses come in nine candy-coated colors that are sure to turn heads. Choose from tortoise, brown, black, purple, blue, light blue, light brown, purple with brown and shiny black when you snag a pair to call your own.

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