World of Vera Wang Glasses

World of Vera Wang Glasses

vera wang glassesThe world knows the Vera Wang glasses label for its class and sophistication. Ms. Wang has been the designer of choice for celebrities whenever they need to look amazing for the red carpet or a special event. Her bridal gowns have been featured at the weddings of some of the world’s most elite celebrities and public figures. The world of fashion rejoiced when the Vera Wang label launched an eyewear collection to match its already successful apparel, purse and jewelry lines. The label’s eyewear collection brings all the glamour of high fashion to the masses. Whether you want to look like a rock star or the girl next door, Vera Wang eyewear can help you craft a look that’s all your own. The most impressive thing about the label is the way it manages to bring the same quality and craftsmanship of its treasured gowns and high-end apparel to its glasses and sunglasses. You can think of every frame as a piece of art that meets the needs of today’s busy, choosy women.

Why Vera Wang Glasses Are Very Popular

Vera Wang glasses are irresistible to any woman with an appreciation for classic beauty. The label consistently puts out frames that capture what’s happening on the fashion scene. Designs by Vera Wang definitely appeal to sophisticated, worldly women who like to make a strong statement. What’s more, women of all ages can find designs that help them achieve the look they’re striving for. Whether you love the playful look of hipster glasses or polished spectacles, you’ll find a pair of glasses that will help you look smart and stylish. Every design by the Vera Wang brand manages to make a statement without appearing gimmicky or dated. You can count on the frames you select this season to carry you through many seasons to come.

See Stars in Vera Wang Glasses

vera wang glassesVera Wang is truly the designer to the stars. What’s especially fascinating is the way Vera Wang frames can fit with both casual outfits and glamorous gowns. Her glasses have been spotted on everyone from French first ladies to Hollywood starlets. Miss Wang routinely supplies eyes to Carla Bruni, Renee Zellweger and Rita Ora. The same styles that these glamorous women wear on the red carpet can be purchased by every women around the world.

The Look of Vera Wang Glasses

Vera Wang glasses prove that not all designs are created equally. The label is famous for putting out high-quality, gorgeous designs that work for all facial shapes. Whether you’re looking for fashionable glasses for round faces or understated shades for square faces, you’re sure to find a perfect style for your features. Vera Wang truly puts the fun back into selecting prescription lenses. Eyewear from the label is distinguished by clean lines, strong shapes and charming accents. Every style Vera Want puts out into the world manages to be simultaneously dainty and strong.

vera-wang-eyeglasses-luxe-keely-3.gifThese are the glasses for you if you love to dress up your look without a lot of effort. These beautiful glasses feature gemstone accents at the temples that let the world know you aren’t afraid to shine. You’ll love the way this design allows you to be fun and feminine without sacrificing quality or practicality. This look is oozing with quality and impeccable craftsmanship. A rectangle shape with rounded edges makes this style ideal for a variety of face shapes. These frames are constructed using sturdy, comfortable metal that will stay securely on your face. You can choose from black, gold, or gunmetal when selecting a pair to call your own. This design can be customized to fit your optical prescription. The Keely glasses by Vera Wang prove that sometimes you have to get a little fancy to enjoy life. Go ahead and unleash the diva that’s been hiding behind your ordinary, boring glasses all these years.

Luxe Tomi
vera-wang-eyeglasses-luxe-rx-tomiYou’ll feel like you’re cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard with the top down every time you slip on these stylish glasses. These frames were meant for bold, powerful women. You will truly take command of the situation every time you slip them on to read a memo in the boardroom or classroom. The oval shape of these lenses will draw attention to your eyes like no style you’ve ever owned before. Bejeweled accents at the temples add a glamorous, eye-catching dimension to this classic design. This design features a spring hinge and adjustable nose pads for your comfort. Each pair is constructed with high-quality, durable metal. You’ll love choosing from four attractive, timeless colors that will go with all your favorite outfits. Go ahead and let your creativity take over as you choose between amethyst, black, chocolate or gunmetal. These glasses can be used as your favorite fashion accessory or personalized to fit your vision prescription.

vera-wang-eyeglasses-v307-5You can forget everything you thought you knew about how to pick out the right glasses. This style defies convention when it comes to what women should wear. The androgynous, powerful look of this design will give you confidence in every situation. You’ll never want to take your glasses off when you make this innovative round design part of your everyday look. In addition to being extremely modern, these glasses are supremely practical. You’ll appreciate the spring hinge and adjustable nose pads on this model. In addition, this style offers a lightweight metal frame that is designed for comfort and sleekness. You can choose from black, ruby, umber or wine when you decide to make this style your own. These frames can be worn as fashion glasses or customized to work with your vision prescription.

vera-wang-salon-eyeglasses-nathalie-2.gifAre you ready to make a bold statement with your eyewear? These glasses were made for the woman who loves to turn heads when she enters a room. You’ll love how easy it is to look playful, edgy and smart simply by throwing these lenses on before leaving the house. This is the design for you if you’ve been looking for a modern design that features a thick rim and oval lenses. The design also features a saddle bridge and wide temples. These frames come in four bold colors that practically beg for attention. Go ahead and have some fun when you choose between deep, delicious shades of red, khaki, tortoise and wine. This style is made from hypoallergenic plastic. You can customize a pair to fit your vision prescription or wear them strictly for fashion.

vera-wang-sunglasses-v430-3.gifThese are the type of glasses that will make you want to say hello to the sun. These sunglasses were made to shield the eyes of Hollywood starlets against the California sun and bright flashbulbs. Of course, you can slip them on to create a sense of mystique around your everyday look. These oval sunglasses effortlessly create a look that is both classic and modern. They are perfect if you’ve been searching for an oval frame that’s composed of comfortable, lightweight metal. You have four fun, eye-catching colors to choose from when claiming a pair of your own. Go ahead and fall in love with blue tortoise, golden tortoise, wine tortoise or matte black. This Hollywood-worthy design can be worn strictly for fashion or customized to fit a vision prescription.

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