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The Classic Look of Coach Glasses and Eyewear

coach glassesNo brand represents luxury and class quite like Coach. This New York label has been a fixture on the American fashion scene for 75 years. People of distinguished taste always pick Coach handbags, gloves, jewelry, fragrances and scarves that have the iconic label on them. One of the biggest trends happening on the fashion scene right now is Coach eyewear. People who will only wear the best know that glasses designed by Coach feature the same defined lines, amazing craftsmanship and gorgeous colors that all the brand’s other products have become famous for. Are you ready to create a signature look using designs from a brand that was born in Manhattan? It’s time to find out why everybody goes crazy for Coach glasses.

The Popularity of Coach Glasses

What makes Coach glasses so enviable? Quality is the name of the game when it comes to the label’s international reputation. You can always count on Coach to come out with a style that is appropriate for the workplace and perfect for playtime. People especially love how elegant and simplistic each design that Coach creates is. Of course, the brand isn’t afraid to take chances when it comes to colors, shapes and accents. You’ll discover that glasses by Coach have just the amount of sass you want when looking fresh and sophisticated is your aim.

Celebrities Go Crazy for Coach

coach glasses 2It goes without saying that Hollywood stars can identify what’s hot better than anyone else can. It should come as no surprise that so many celebrities choose glasses by Coach when they want to look amazing on the red carpet or in candid shots. In fact, there are endless photographs of celebrities wearing Coach lenses as they make their way to business meeting or run errands around Hollywood. Who has been seen around town lately wearing Coach glasses? Stars like Kate Beckinsale, Gwen Stefani, Hillary Duff, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Eva Mendez have all shown the world that their hearts belong to Coach.

The Coach Look

There’s a good chance that a pair of glasses was created by Coach if they have a subtle shine and sleek finish. In fact, smooth lines and shiny textures are the hallmarks of Coach’s look. One of the best things about this label is that it manages to add funky, modern touches to classic designs without making them look cheap or overly trendy. Coach is completely in sync with what is current and trending on the runways of the world.

Coach Sunglasses HC 8105 L082 Amber

hc-8105Take on the world with some sass and spunk with these cool sunglasses. You’ll love the way these square frames help to bring definition to your face in an edgy, irresistible way. The wide lenses on these frames will help you feel private and protected as you roam city streets or take a stroll in the country. The plastic frame on this design is intended to fit comfortably and securely on your face without the need for constant readjustment. The metal portion of these frames is designed to resist rusting or bending. This style is perfect for anybody who likes to match their frames to their outfits because it comes in eight lovable color combinations. You can go with a bold red or stick to classic motifs of black and beige. Each style features a gradient that offers a great way to experiment with color. These gorgeous frames can be worn as your newest fashion accessory or customized to fit your vision prescription.

Coach Eyeglasses HC 6066F

hc-6066fWho says cat-eye glasses are just for secretaries? Get ready to look rocking and retro in these amazing lenses. You can wear these cute lenses to the office every day or save them for when you want to look seriously stylish during a night out on the town. You’ll love the way the dark, thick rim on these glasses draws attention to your features and gives you a striking essence. This design comes in three colors that you’ll never get tired of using for daily wear. Go ahead and see whether you prefer black, purple or tortoise shell. Regardless of what color you pick, you’ll enjoy a sturdy plastic frame that’s intended to stand up to daily wear and tear. These stylish frames can be worn for fashion purposes or customized to be used as prescription lenses.

Coach Eyeglasses HC 6007B Gloria

hc-6007bIf you’re looking for a design that is sure to win the admiration of all who see it, then look no further than these gorgeous frames. You’ve never seen rectangle frames done like this before. You’ll be dazzled by the way a shiny surface is accented by bejeweled pieces at the temples. This design is basic enough for the office and daily wear. However, you can also dress this style up by pairing it with your favorite diamond earrings or pearl necklace. You’re destined to appreciate the way the plastic finish on these frames makes them so sturdy and easy to care for. This look comes in three delicious colors that will satisfy your craving for style. Go ahead and dig into berry, black or tortoise shell. You can wear these eyeglasses as fashion accessories or have them fitted to your vision prescription.

Coach Sunglasses HC 7012 L038 Caroline

hc-7012See the brighter side of life with these bright and airy sunglasses. These square frames offer a fun twist on the aviator look. They offer full UV protection for your delicate eyes. In addition, you’ll love the way they allow you to conceal your eyes in a stylish, trendy way. You can always enjoy long drives without the hassle of battling glares when you keep these frames close by. This look features a metal frame that is designed for comfort and durability. You definitely won’t have to worry about these frames falling apart into pieces after a little time in your crowded purse. One of the things people love most about this design is all of the colors it comes in. You can pick from gorgeous combinations that include gradients of classic colors and finishes like silver, gold, white, black or grey. You can also select a polarized option if you’ll be using these for outdoor sports. You have the option to make this your new favorite fashion accessory or choose to have your glasses fitted to your vision prescription.

Coach Sunglasses HC 8132 L109

hc-8132Get ready to turn heads when you slide these sleek sunglasses on your face and leave your front door to take on the world. This design embodies everything that is amazing about the Coach label. You’ll love the way this square design with oval elements gives your features a lift. This design is truly equal parts whimsy and business. You can easily wear these glasses all day at the office before heading out on the town to meet some friends. You will instantly fall in love with this design if you’re looking for a pair of plastic frames you can throw in your bag on a sunny day or slide over your eyes when you want to create a little bit of mystery. You have the freedom to choose from six gorgeous and timeless colors when you make these frames your own. Go ahead and have fun matching your coat or purse to new glasses that have gradients of black, brown or purple. You can also select polarized lenses when you choose this look. If you’re looking for something you can wear on a daily basis, simply customize your new glasses to fit your vision prescription.

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