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Our fashion blog agrees that cool glasses are functional and fashionable. With a wide variety of options available to choose from, today’s eyeglass wearer needn’t hide his or her personality behind a pair of lackluster frames. In fact, bold colors, wild patterns, and unusual materials including wood and stone are available for purchase through optometrists and online eyeglass retailers.

History of Hipster Glasses

Hipster glasses are as their name implies “hip”. The word is a big part of Jazz culture. Coined during the Jazz Age, the term described people who were trendy and forward thinking. They were “hip” with the times and the changes taking place in the world they lived in.

Hip frames are unusual in color, size or shape. The designer glasses grab people’s attention because of their unique appearance. You don’t even need a prescription to wear cool glasses. Many celebrities wear clear lenses in their eccentric frames.

Why are Hipster Glasses Popular?

Hipster or any set of cute glasses help people express individuality. By selecting a frame that communicates a man, woman or child’s personality, he or she is making a bold statement to the world. Bright colors and patterns command attention. Eyeglass frames stand out. People recognize that there is a brilliant, creative person behind the glasses.

Who is a Hipster?

Anyone can be a hipster. It is really just the attitude, but they usually dress the part. I am original, confident, and love-life. The right pair of spectacles is one fashion forward way one can express themselves and their confidence. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find a frame that no one else has. Some people go as far as buying vintage frames and having their own prescriptions lenses put into them. This ensures that no one else steals their style.

What to Look for to Get That Hipster Look

There are certain criteria that eyeglasses must meet to be hipster approved. Frames are:

• Two-Toned or Brightly Colored
• Boldly Patterned
• Boxy
• Oversized
• Cat-Eyed
• Cartoonish (Pixelated Frames)
• Designer (Ray-Bans)

Hipster-type glasses many times are vintage or look vintage. The hippest people shop around until they find a frame that states who they are as a person and what they like or appreciate. For example, some people only shop secondhand. It wouldn’t make sense for them to buy new frames that look old.

Many hipsters value vintage items and the stories behind them. The history and stories behind the meaning is typically core to the value of any item. That’s why they’ll go from thrift store to thrift store in search of the perfect glasses. They won’t quit until they find them either.

How Do Hipsters Express Individuality?

Hipsters express individuality in a number of ways. How they dress, wear their hair, and the glasses they choose to sport help create their outward hipster persona. The type of music hipsters listen to, the books that they read, the car that they drive, and the way they decorate their homes also play a big role in how others see a hipster.

Shopping for hipster glasses in person or online can take time because one is searching for glasses that match their individuality and personality. Trying on frames physically or virtually is a process but an enjoyable one at that. Once you’ve found a shape suitable for your face, selecting a color, pattern or material for your frames is easy. Choose spectacles that show off who you are, what you like or what you stand for. It’s hard not to notice someone wearing spectacular eyeglasses like the pair you’ve chosen for yourself.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW your favorite hipster glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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