The World in Banana Republic Glasses

See the World in Banana Republic Glasses

Banana Republic GlassesAt our fashion blog, we all know the people who wear Banana Republic glasses. They usually look flawlessly sophisticated and coolly casual without even trying. They confidently pair their glasses with business attire and weekend gear without having a second thought. People who wear Banana Republic glasses enjoy the confidence of owning timeless, classy styles that look good in every situation. If it’s time to get some new prescription glasses, Banana Republic frames should definitely make your list as you search for designer glasses online.

Banana Republic Through the Years

Banana Republic is a brand that men and women around the world recognize for comfort and class. The brand was established in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler. The couple had a passion for acquiring interesting clothing during their travels to faraway and exotic places. They stocked their safari-themed store with clothing items from around the world. The popular store was eventually bought by the Gap. Banana Republic now has over 600 stores at international locations. Fans of Banana Republic still feel the sense of adventure and love of exploration that made the brand so vibrant from the start.

The Popularity of Banana Republic Glasses

Banana Republic solidified its reputation as one of the most important brands in the world when it released a line of eyewear for the first time. Banana Republic frames transfer the polished, casual look that the brand is famous for to its eyewear designs. The Banana Republic eyewear line is full of deliciously simple designs that can be worn every single day. People looking for glasses online often choose Banana Republic frames because they are designed to fit elegantly and easily when used as prescription glasses. Why do so many people love Banana Republic? The simple answer is that the brand has mastered the art of offering simplicity without resorting to releasing boring designs. The brand consistently releases dependable, high-quality designs that work for real life.

Who Loves Banana Republic?

Banana Republic GlassesIt can be difficult to find a brand that everyone can agree to love these days. However, Banana Republic offers a little something for everyone because of its commitment to providing classic, no-frills looks. The younger generation has discovered Banana Republic because of the way the label’s glasses make them feel sophisticated and mature. Older fans of the brand enjoy owning glasses that provide sophistication without appearing stale or outdated.

Hollywood Stars Love the Simplicity of Banana Republic

Both ordinary people and Hollywood celebrities are united in a love of Banana Republic eyewear. The label’s glasses are just what celebrities need when they are enjoying a low-key lifestyle away from the set or stage. Of course, you’ll still find pictures of them wearing gorgeous glasses whenever you open a magazine or browse a fashion blog. Superstars like Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift have both been seen jetting around the world in Banana Republic shades. Actress Julie Bowen is also routinely seen in frames by the brand. Krysten Ritter, Scott Speedman and Olivia Palermo have all served as brand ambassadors for the label’s eyewear line.

The Legendary Look of Banana Republic Frames

Banana Republic GlassesBanana Republic is a brand to consider if you’re looking for glasses online that check all the right boxes in terms of style, fit and durability. The one thing that you can always expect from the brand’s eyewear collection is consistency. Banana Republic isn’t in the business of pulling any surprises when it comes to its signature looks. Of course, the brand does occasionally flirt with some playful, trendy touches here and there. Details like bright colors and subtle patterns are used to bring a youthful and experimental dimension to the brand’s line each season. The signature feature that most people picture when they think of Banana Republic frames is a square lens. The brand has truly perfected the look of square and rectangular frames. There are also some round and oval looks thrown into the mix to balance things out. You’ll even find some gorgeous aviator frames as you search for glasses online under the Banana Republic label. You’ll discover a velvety assortment of black, brown and grey as you browse the thick and thin frames that are available. Do you want to look like you just stepped off the front page of a fashion blog? Grabbing a pair of designer glasses online doesn’t have to be a gamble if you stick with a trusted brand like Banana Republic.

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