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Original Penguin Glassesoriginal penguin glasses

Original Penguin eyewear definitely lives up to its cool name. Of course, you don’t have to travel to the South Pole to enjoy the sporty, sophisticated look that this brand offers. Most people know Penguin as an American fashion line that specializes in clothing and footwear. The brand has come a long way since it was founded in 1955 in Minneapolis. Penguin products are sold in retail stores and boutiques in all of the major American and European cities today. You’ve probably even seen ad campaigns featuring Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Tyson Ritter and Adam Brody wearing iconic looks from the brand. The brand really hit its stride when it introduced an eyewear line. Penguin eyewear is celebrated for being hip and durable. Whether you’re the guy next door or a city slicker, you can totally rock these glasses. It is so easy to see why guys from around the world turn to Penguin when it’s time get glasses. Take a look at why birds of a stylish feather flock to buy the latest Penguin styles as soon as they are released each season.

Why Everyone Loves Original Penguin Glasses

You could say that Penguin eyewear is every bit as lovable as the fluffy, cute animal that shares its name. People love Original Penguin glasses because they are so practical. You never have to worry about making the wrong fashion statement when you simply turn to Penguin whenever you need to update your glasses. Designs by the brand manage to make a statement without seeming overstated. They are perfect for a forward-thinking college student or a savvy executive. The best part about Original Penguin glasses is that there is truly a pair to fit every single face shape. Whether you have a round face or square jaw, you’ll have so much fun looking at the current collection to find a style that will accentuate all the right features. One of the reasons why Original Penguin glasses are so beloved is that they are made using amazing materials and craftsmanship. You can forget about dealing with flimsy frames that crack and break as soon as you wear them out of the house. Season after season, Penguin offers looks that you can depend on whenever you reach for them. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen something that was constructed with quality and beauty in mind.

Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of Original Penguin Glasses

In addition to an impressive list of celebrity models, Penguin also has many famous fans. Kevin Costner is routinely photographed wearing his favorite pair of Penguin shades. Russell Westbrook nearly always shows up for press events for the NBA sporting a pair of Original Penguin glasses. These high-profile men simply can’t resist the way the brand’s eyewear collection helps them to look so modern and masculine.

The Perfectly Polished Penguin Look

Original Penguin glasses have a certain look that lets people know the person wearing them is cool under pressure. The brand has chosen to focus on streamlined, crisp designs in recent seasons. In fact, Penguin has become the brand of favor of anyone who values simple, timeless frames that flirt with hipster trends. A mix of square, round and oval lenses allows for people with every type of facial shape to enjoy a look that seems like it was made just for them. Don’t be surprised if you get more than a few compliments the next time you show up somewhere with glasses by Penguin over your eyes.

The Baker
You can cook up some serious style when you make this design part of your signature look. These rectangular frames can bring a serious, thoughtful dimension to anyone’s appearance. You’re sure to appreciate the way the plastic rim of this design is so sturdy and resilient. The style’s full rim ensures that your glasses make a serious statement. There are six attractive colors to choose from when picking this style. You’ll have no trouble matching your daily outfits to a frame that’s blue, black, green, white, tortoise or a mix of several shades. This style can be worn as a fashionable accessory or personalized to fit your vision prescription.

The Les
This design proves that less is more when it comes to frames. These glasses are a dream if you love simple, understated styles that pack a big punch. This style’s plastic frame comes in a square design that really draws attention to the eyes. You’ll love the way they transform to look amazing with casual clothing or business attire. Are you crazy for versatility? Get ready to fall in love with how easy it is to mix and match outfits when you pick from black, brown, tan, white, grey and tortoise options. You can choose to wear this look as a cool fashion accessory or have a pair personalized to fit your vision prescription.

The Doyle Jr
Sometimes eyewear can be child’s play! Are you looking for a pair of glasses that’s meant to fit the small features of a child? This cute style is made to help kids learn to get excited about wearing glasses. Parents love how durable and easy to clean they are. The plastic frame of these glasses is ideal for the playground and the classroom. A full rim ensures that your child’s eyes will be protected. This design comes in versatile colors that can be paired with every type of outfit. Your kid will never tire of their black, navy, olive or tortoise design once they see it! These spectacles can be easily personalized to fit a vision prescription.

The Nelson
Are you ready to take hipster glasses to the next level? Few glasses can achieve what this design manages to achieve. Never before has a style managed to be so simple and so bold at the same time. This modern design is ideal if you love a minimalist look that doesn’t disappear when you place it on your face. The style’s lightweight metal body makes it easy to forget that you’re even wearing glasses most of the time. The square shape of these glasses is perfect for a variety of face shapes. You’ll love the four earthy, breezy colors this look comes in. Go ahead and keep these as your favorite new accessory or customize them to help you see better.

The Cranston
You can’t talk about cool shades without bringing up this head-turning design. If you’re looking for a pair of aviator glasses that you can wear for the daily commute and that fun trip abroad you have planned, this is it. These plastic shades can handle whatever you throw at them. Every sidewalk, restaurant and beach you look at from behind these cool frames will look so much more amazing! This style comes in a signature shade of brown that goes with everything. Your weekend will begin every time you slip them on and go for a ride. The best part about these fashionable lenses is that you can wear them strictly for the sake of fashion or have them customized to help you see more clearly.

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