Beauty of Pucci Glasses

The Beauty and Allure of Emilio Pucci Glasses

Pucci GlassesThe Emilio Pucci glasses label is the lovechild of style and elegance. The Florentine roots of the brand’s founder are evident in every detail of every piece of merchandise the label produces. In fact, you’ll notice a distinct European signature on every inch of material used in any design created by the label. There is no question about why the world’s models, moguls and influential people all love to wear clothing and accessories designed by Emilio Pucci. However, there is now a whole new reason to fall in love with this Florentine brand. The label has officially taken things to the next level by offering a line of designer eyewear. This stunning eyewear collection is designed to meet the needs of stylish women everywhere. The collection includes a mix of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Each design expresses romance, sophistication, intelligence, curiosity and impeccable taste.

Why People Love Pucci

The Emilio Pucci label’s popularity is owed to its use of timeless design and innovative shapes. The brand manages to push out funky, retro looks that never seem out of place in the modern fashion landscape. It is hard to resist the way the label takes conservative styles and twists them to appear experimental and edgy. You’re sure to love the way even the edgiest of designs put out by the label can be paired with conservative business attire and worn to business meetings. Younger fans of the brand are in love with the idea of wearing these glasses to concerts or in the classroom. Few brands in the world are able to offer as much versatility as Emilio Pucci can. Of course, what really makes Emilio Pucci glasses irresistible is craftsmanship. Every pair is designed using careful European artistry and impeccable materials. In a fashion landscape where many brands cut corners, the Emilio Pucci glasses label continues its commitment to putting out impeccable products that are meant to last season after season. When you choose to treat yourself to a pair of Pucci glasses, you’ll appreciate a refreshing change of pace from the disposable fashions that seem to be so prevalent today.

Emilio Pucci’s Celebrity Connections

Celebrities love taking advantage of the appeal of Emilio Pucci when they’re in the spotlight. Glasses by Emilio Pucci fit in flawlessly on the streets of the world’s most iconic cities. In fact, American and international celebrities love parading down the street wearing subtle frames or eye-catching sunglasses that hold the Pucci name. The label’s eyewear is regularly worn by Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. In addition, young starlets are increasingly showing up in photographs wearing Emilio Pucci sunglasses these days. Stylish beauties like Kristen Stewart, Mandy Moore, Leighton Meester and Olivia Palermo all love showing off in Emilio Pucci glasses

The Signature Emilio Pucci Glasses Look

It takes a seriously stylish label to pull of the contemporary eyewear looks that Emilio Pucci offers. The only rule Emilio Pucci sticks to is breaking all the rules. The label isn’t afraid to play around with square frames, round glasses and hybrid styles. The Pucci brand even throws in little pops of color once in a while to create unique, youthful frames. Of course, even someone looking for a conservative style will find a perfect match hiding in the brand’s eyewear collection. Emilio Pucci designs a number of rimless frames and delicate frames that fit in perfectly in corporate culture.

Emilio Pucci Eyeglasses EP 5011

Pucci GlassesYour search for the perfect pair of retro frames for daily wear ends here. These frames feature a funky pattern in a brilliant combination of colors. A plastic design ensures that your favorite new glasses are durable and sturdy enough to keep up with your hectic, playful lifestyle. The thick rim on this design will show the world that you can be intense without taking yourself too seriously. You can get away with wearing this design to the office along with your dress shirts or save it for when you want to express your personality on the weekends. These shiny frames come in four fun colors. Go ahead and fantasize about matching your outfits with a pair of gorgeous black, brown, pink or green glasses. You can choose to wear this design for the sake of fashion or customize your new glasses to fit your prescription.

Emilio Pucci Eyeglasses EP 5016

Pucci GlassesThese frames combine conservative style and edgy design to perfection. You’ll love wearing a set of classic square frames that are subtly accented with fun, attractive patterns. This is the design to choose if you want to look studious and confident without looking overly severe. The metal construction of these frames ensures that they can endure whatever your busy lifestyle throws at them. While the strong lines and deep colors used in this design are enough to get you noticed, the design also has a dainty appearance that won’t overwhelm your features or dominate your appearance. These frames come in four classic and attractive colors for you to choose from. Have fun deciding between black, brown, pink or blue frames. You can wear these glasses as a fashion statement or customize them to fit your vision prescription.

Emilio Pucci Sunglasses EP 0007

Pucci GlassesThis is the design to choose if you love Pucci glasses that makes a statement. Go ahead and slide these large glasses on and wait for the compliments to roll in. Nobody will be able to resist admiring the way your eyes look behind this bold, contemporary design. These fashionable glasses are set in a sturdy metal frame that is designed to fit comfortably on your face and provide good coverage from the sun. You’ll certainly feel like a Hollywood star when you pair these glasses with a large purse and a pair of high heels. These sunglasses come in four fun, glamorous colors to choose from. You’ll love choosing between black, brown, pink or turquoise. Aside from looking stylish, these sunglasses are totally functional. You can choose to wear them strictly for the sake of fashion or have them customized to fit your vision prescription.

Emilio Pucci Sunglasses EP 0009

Pucci GlassesThese sunglasses can only be described as fresh and funky. Go ahead and show the world that you aren’t afraid to take fashion risks when you slip these gorgeous, beautifully crafted shades on your face before heading out. Only a brand that delivers European craftsmanship and high-quality designs can offer a style that manages to look so experimental and so graceful at the same time. These plastic frames are designed to fit comfortably on your face. They are sure to draw attention to your face and make your features come alive. You can choose from four lovely colors when making these sunglasses your own. Have fun deciding between black, brown and turquoise.

Emilio Pucci Sunglasses EP 0010

Pucci GlassesMake eyewear fun again by making this gorgeous design part of your signature look. These glasses were designed to shield your eyes from the sun and the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. These sunglasses were truly made to make you look glamorous enough for the Hollywood lifestyle even if you live millions of miles away from the streets of Hollywood. This unique design balances just the right amounts of funkiness and sophistication to create a look that can be worn by women of all ages. You’ll love the comfort and ease that these plastic frames provide. They are easy to care for and fun to wear. You can choose from four dramatic and playful colors when you claim a pair for yourself. Go ahead and choose between black, brown, fuxia and turquoise. You can customize these sunglasses to fit your prescription or simply wear them as fashion lenses.

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