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The Look of Lacoste Glasses

Lacoste GlassesWe know here on our fashion blog that Lacoste Glasses has been giving people a reason to live the posh life for 80 years. This preppy brand is a favorite among everyone from socialites to working professionals. Devotees of the brand love its distinct French charm and impeccable European craftsmanship. Lacoste is a rare luxury brand because it manages to make upscale fashion accessible for the average person. While many people are familiar with Lacoste’s shirts, footwear, watches and perfumes, the world is just beginning to appreciate its impressive eyewear collection. Lacoste glasses are available in classic designs that straddle the line between simple and bold.

For the Love of Lacoste

Why is the world so enamored with eyewear by Lacoste? The brand creates designs that are simply impossible to look away from. Each pair of glasses shows off careful lines, thoughtful engineering and tasteful design. There is nothing accidental about the way a pair of Lacoste frames sits on the human face so perfectly. Lacoste glasses are designed to balance on the face comfortably and securely. Of course, these designs prove that sophisticated doesn’t have to equal boring. Even the most basic pair of Lacoste glasses frames oozes a certain extravagance that announces something important about the person wearing them. Designer glasses by Lacoste tell tales of good taste, affluence and intelligence. People of all ages appreciate the versatility of the brand’s looks. You can shop the same collection to find both understated spectacles and zesty hipster glasses.

Celebrities Love Lacoste

Lacoste glasses often cross paths with the eyes of Celebrities. Both the men and women of Hollywood turn to this label when they want to look hip in an instant. Stars who love Lacose include Rita Ora, Mark Ruffalo, AnnaSophia Robb, Chace Crawford, Rachel Billson, Christian Bale and Lea Michele. These stars are constantly showing off how to look cool and breezy in a great pair of frames by Lacoste.

The Lacoste Look

Lacoste GlassesHow is it possible that a pair of glasses can look sophisticated, edgy and sporty all at once? Lacoste makes it happen with every pair it introduces into its collection. The label tends to favor rectangular frames over other shapes. However, there are a number of circular frames and aviator glasses for fans to choose from. It is also obvious that Lacoste favors black and gray hues over more shocking color combinations. This trend makes it easy to wear Lacoste glasses on a daily basis with a wide variety of outfits.

Lacoste Sunglasses L 747S

Lacoste GlassesThese sporty and glamorous sunglasses were made for afternoons on the tennis court or at the yacht club. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to sport these shades on the morning commute or while running errands around town. These durable sunglasses are made to survive in your gym or crowded purse. You definitely don’t want to get in the car and go for a drive without sliding them on your face. This design features a thick rim that shapes the entire frame of the glasses. You can choose from five glamorous colors when you grab a pair to add to your collection. Get ready to fall in love with black, white and black, black and white, azure or rose. These glasses can be customized to fit a prescription.

Lacoste Sunglasses L 163S

Lacoste GlassesEvery man needs these aviator sunglasses if looking strong, confident and stylish is on the agenda. These glasses combine sophistication with a hint of attitude to create a perfect daily look for men of all ages. They are meant to serve a man four seasons a year. Go ahead and slide these on if you’re embarking on a sporty adventure at the beach or heading to the office for a big presentation. While these glasses are handsome enough to be simply for show, they can actually be fitted to your prescription. You have four masculine and magnificent colors to choose from when picking a pair to call your own. These sunglasses come in gunmetal, grey, brown, gold and light gold.

Lacoste Eyeglasses L 2743

Lacoste Glasses
Funky and fresh are the only ways to describe these beautiful unisex glasses. Embrace your hipster side without looking like you’re trying too hard when you slide these frames on your face before a rock concert or business meeting. These thick frames are molded into a unique shape that draws attention to the eyes. The petite nature of the frames ensures that your features won’t be overpowered by your glasses. The best part about this design is all of the fun colors it comes in. You’ll have trouble choosing between black, brown, olive and blue. Of course, there’s no shame in picking up more than one color for the sake of matching your glasses to your mood. These spectacles can be customized to fit your prescription.

Lacoste Eyeglasses L 2678

Lacoste GlassesKeeping up with eyewear trends just got a lot easier. This unsex Lacoste Glasses design makes it possible to combine your intellectual side with your fun side. You’ll love how these rectangular frames make you look serious and studious in a flash. You’ll adore how these frames display vibrant colors that show you’re not afraid to show off your playful personality. These glasses are essential for anyone who is a fan of thick frames. This style makes it easy to embrace the trend of chunky frames without needing to deal with the overpowering aspects of large glasses. You can choose from black, brown, blonde, khaki and blue frames when making this look your own. In addition, these glasses can be customized to fit your prescription.

Lacoste Eyeglasses L 2745

Lacoste GlassesThese are the glasses every woman has been waiting for. What better way to confess to the world that you’re a closet bookworm than by slipping on these designer lenses? You’ll love how studious and confident these gorgeous frames can make you look in the blink of an eye. These frames feature an alligator logo that lets everyone know you’ve chosen to embrace the quality of Lacoste. The thick rim manages to make a strong statement without looking severe. The best part about this design is that you have four sensational colors to choose from when grabbing a pair to own. Go ahead and fall in love with black, brown, nude or a violent and burgundy combination. These Lacoste Glasses are designed to fit custom prescriptions.

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