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Celine GlassesOur fashion blog knows that when it comes to hip, sleek designs, no brand can touch Celine glasses. The label has earned its place in the fashion spotlight for creating stylish and edgy sunglasses that push the envelope while embracing classic beauty. You might say that Celine leads the pack when it comes to creating today’s hipster glasses. The brand isn’t afraid to put out looks that are chunky, funky and full of pep. Celine is definitely the brand to go to if you’re in love with thick frames that make a statement. While many brands today are coming out with stylish and daring frames, not all of them have the commitment to smart design and impeccable construction like the Celine label does. Come discover why Celine is positioned to bolt past all other fashion labels and become the brand to choose when you want to stay ahead of the style curve without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

The Popularity of Celine Glasses

Celine glasses rose to popularity as soon as the hipster revolution took the fashion world by storm. The brand caters to people who simply refuse to look like everybody else. People love these frames and sunglasses because they are practical enough for daily wear and stylish enough to make a statement. Every piece created by the brand makes it feel so easy and effortless to embrace the latest trends. Of course, the fact that every design created by this label is exceptionally durable only adds to its popularity. Celine offers the type of sunglasses that can handle your busy lifestyle without breaking. The great thing about Celine glasses is that they aren’t just for show. While they are certainly stylish enough to wear as fashion frames, wearers can customize Celine glasses to fit their prescriptions and enjoy clear views and cutting-edge style.

Celebrities Are Seen in Celine
Anybody who is anybody in Hollywood has been caught with Celine glasses. The list of famous ladies who love Celine includes Miley Cyrus, Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth and Reese Witherspoon. Stars love designs by this label because they create a strong look when paired with just about any type of attire. Celine glasses offer starlets a way to look casual without looking sloppy.

The Look of Celine
There are certain characteristics that make Celine glasses really stand apart from the crowd. One can’t help but to notice that each style the label puts out is strongly defined and very bold. The brand is famous for its thick frames, dark colors and innovative shapes. You’ll love Celine frames if you enjoy adding some drama to your look and drawing attention to your eyes. While Celine may seem like a youthful brand at first glance, it actually offers styles for wearers of all ages. Although the signature style of Celine glasses is thick, black and rectangular, there are a number of rimless frames available. There are also a few select styles that feature round frames.

Celine Sunglasses 41049/S
Celine GlassesThese plastic sunglasses are here to satisfy your hipster heart. You’ll love shielding your eyes with these oval frames day after day. The style features plastic frames that are accented with a little bit of pizzazz at the temples. These frames are designed to be extremely durable and stand up to your busy, fun-filled life. They will stay securely on your face and offer stylish protection from the sun all day long. This is the look you’ve been waiting for if you’re dreaming of fun, edgy colors that command attention and admiration. You can choose from color combinations of black and green, brown and green, milky green and gray or pink and green. This style can be customized to fit your prescription.

Celine Sunglasses 41069/S
Celine GlassesThe sun won’t be able to keep up with how brightly you’re shining when you slide these stylish aviator sunglasses on your face. This look manages to be totally current while still seeming effortlessly simple. This is the perfect style for you if you like sunglasses without frills. You’ll love how durable and easy to care for these plastic frames are. These unisex frames can appear understated when paired with business attire and totally funky when paired with ripped jeans and a tank top. You have four irresistible shades to choose from when grabbing a pair for yourself. Go ahead and bring your fashion game to the next level by choosing green and brown, light green and brown, blue and amber or transparent green and gray. This look can be worn as fashion lenses or customized to fit your prescription.

Celine Eyeglasses 41300
Celine GlassesThe visionary look of Celine eyewear is captured perfectly in these funky and feminine frames. This style is designed to make you look studious and edgy without any effort at all. Go ahead and pair these frames with your most comfortable pair of yoga pants or go glam with a maxi dress. This is one of those amazing accessories that will make you look stylish at work, school and everywhere else you go. You’ll love the way these simple plastic frames are accented by a glamorous constellation of dots near the temples. The oval shape of the frames is meant to look great on nearly every face shape. You can create a signature style that is clean and modern when you wear these glasses as fashion accessories or customize them to fit your eyewear prescription. You can choose from black, blue, green or honey when purchasing this timeless style.

Celine Eyeglasses 41364
Celine GlassesYou’re going to want to show your face to the world when you slip on these irresistible frames. These gorgeous plastic frames are just the right size for any face. They are made from smooth, shiny plastic that will make you look polished seven days a week. The frames are solidly constructed and meant to stand up to your busy lifestyle. Taking care of them and keeping them radiantly shiny will be a breeze. You’ll love how serious and studious you’ll look when you make these frames the focal point of your signature look. You have four alluring colors to choose from when deciding to make this look your own. Go ahead and have some fun deciding between black and gold, blue and gold, burgundy and gold and dark brown and gold. While these glasses are gorgeous enough to be worn as fashion frames, you can also fit them to your prescription.

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