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versace glassesOur fashion blog knows that you’ve been waiting for the latest Versace Glasses styles and here they are! Five killer frames made to make you shine!

ve-4291This stunning design is a highlight in the current Versace collection. It is a perfect choice if you’re looking for thick rims that provide comfort while creating a sense of mystery. The plastic body of these glasses comes in an alluring oval shape that works with nearly ever face shape. In addition, the use of plastic makes theses frames highly durable and easy to care for. These glasses are accented by two studs near the brow. You have five enticing color themes to choose from when selecting your glasses. You can pick from matte shades of blue, violet or black or go bold with two brown tortoise patterns. These are the sunglasses that women from Rodeo Drive to Madison Avenue will be wearing this season. The versatility of this style makes it perfect for the daily commute or an afternoon on a yacht at one of the planet’s most glamorous harbors. You can fit these stylish glasses to your prescription. The dimensions follow a lens width of 53 millimeters, a bridge width of 22 millimeters and an arm length of 140 millimeters. Making these glasses part of your signature look will put you in the company of the countless international stars and fashion icons who exclusively trust Versace when it comes to shielding their eyes and accessorizes their bodies.

Versace Sunglasses VE 2150Q

ve-2150qBe the pilot of your own destiny when you slip on these gorgeous aviator glasses by Versace. Versace has created a style that is every man’s secret weapon for looking cool and confident. What else would you expect from one of the most iconic fashion houses on the globe? This style is perfect if you’re looking for designer glasses that will serve you well on land, out at sea and in the air. Of course, this style will also look fabulous on you as you drive to work or stroll around at the dog park. A metal frame ensures that your glasses will retain their shape and stay looking crisp season after season. These frames stand out from the crowd because they feature gold embellishments at the temples. They also feature a unique design that ensures they will stay securely on your face without pinching your temples or causing discomfort around the ears. You can match this style to your prescription and choose from a combination of gold and black or gold and white. The dimensions follow a lens width of 62 millimeters, a bridge width of 14 millimeters and an arm length of 140 millimeters. Are you obsessed with quality? You’ll appreciate that only the best materials go into Versace glasses designs. The label has used these handsome frames to prove that substance never has to be sacrificed for style.

Versace Sunglasses VE 4044b

ve 4044bVersace has chosen this sultry design to prove that good things come in slender packages. You can consider this design the little black dress of women’s eyewear because it goes with everything and looks good on every woman. The design features Versace emblems at the temples to let everyone know that you’re a woman who chooses quality and good taste. The fact that these frames are constructed from plastic means you can go ahead and let them get buried in your purse without worrying about them falling apart. Of course, the decades of design and craftsmanship that stand behind the Versace name should be reason enough to trust that these beautiful frames will last you for many seasons to come. These frames are as sweet and decadent as black licorice to the eye and as smooth as a seashell to the touch. You can choose from two alluring finishes when you match these frames to your personal prescription. In addition, you’ll have no trouble matching your favorite outfits to a shiny black finish or a black and gray gradient. In a world of hipster glasses and forgettable trends, this timeless look really sets a woman apart and emphasizes class and style. You’ll love how effortlessly cool you look when you pair these frames with a business suit or your favorite pair of jeans. The dimensions follow a lens width of 60 millimeters and a bridge width of 15 millimeters. Do you live for staying ahead of the style curve? Claiming a pair of these gorgeous glasses will connect you with what’s happening on the streets and runways of Paris, Milan and New York in an instant.

Versace Eyeglasses VE 3198

ve-3198These exquisite Versace glasses frames prove that less is more. Let your eyes do the talking when you slip on these undeniably masculine shades. This style is perfect if you prefer thick rims that will make you appear strong and mysterious with very little effort. Their rectangular shape will make your features appear more defined and bring the focus to your eyes. You’ll love how durable and easy to care for these brilliant plastic frames are. This style is sophisticated enough for the office and stylish enough for the weekend. Decades of Italian craftsmanship and design have gone into creating a look that allows men to appear confident and effortlessly stylish in the blink of an eye. You can show the world that you appreciate good taste by proudly showing off the small and tasteful Versace spectacles logo that is fastened to the temples of these frames. Versace designed this style in five timeless colors that all offer something for every type of man out there. Choose from shades of blue, black, green, red and brown when you personalize this style to match your prescription. The dimensions follow a lens width of 53 to 55 millimeters, a bridge width of 17 millimeters and an arm length of 140 millimeters. You’ll agree that Versace has mastered the delicate art of constructing a perfect pair of glasses when you make the decision to make these frames part of your signature look.

Versace Eyeglasses VE 3194

ve-3194This design by Versace is truly the cat’s meow. These petite, feminine frames prove that your serious side and your playful side can live in harmony. You’ll love showing off a cool hipster design without abandoning the timeless quality and elegance that has made the Versace brand endure as an icon for decades. This fabulous style fuses everything you love about cutting-edge European design with everything you respect about careful craftsmanship. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop admiring how hip and casual these plastic frames are every time you look in the mirror. You can choose to appear studious by pairing them with a sharp blazer or play the part of the hipster by teaming them up with skinny jeans and a colorful tank top. These frames come in a number of bright jewel tones that are sure to brighten your face and bring some sunshine to your day. Bring out your creative side as you decide to choose from lovable shades of amber, hot pink, turquoise, red or black. The dimensions follow a lens width of 52 to 54 millimeters, a bridge width of 15 millimeters and an arm length of 140 millimeters.

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