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karl lagerfeld sunglassesOur fashion blog knows that it’s nearly impossible to think of the name Karl Lagerfeld without the image of ‘sunglasses’ coming to mind. In fact, the iconic German fashion designer and artist has become so synonymous with wearing black shades as part of his eccentric personal style that it’s no surprise he has a line of designer glasses available to consumers. Designed with exceptional quality in mind, Karl Lagerfeld’s eyewear collection features a spin on classic designs while also implementing unique colors and shapes. The spectacles and sunglasses appeal to those looking for statement glasses that are both fashion-forward and high style, while also being affordable and functional.

His eyewear collection offers a variety of styles to complement all face shapes on both men and women. Because of the large assortment the collection offers, customers can keep their face shapes in mind when choosing a pair of Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses. Some good rules of thumb to stick to when picking out glasses to balance well with your face include the following.

Styles to go by

Individuals with oval-shaped faces are fortunate that they can pull off both round and square frames, while those with round faces should opt for oversized, rectangular or angular glasses. Square-shaped faces have strong jawlines with wide cheekbones and find sunglasses with soft lines to be most appealing with their features, while heart-shaped faces will want to look for glasses that are wider on top than on the bottom, like the trendy, retro cat-eye styles. Whatever your face shape, Karl Lagerfeld’s collection delivers numerous options so consumers can find the right spectacles.

karl lagerfeld sunglassesA noticeable feature true to all Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses is the prominence of artistry in each style. Whether it’s an obvious pop of color on the frames or a subtle hue that lines the bottom rim underneath the glasses, his play with color makes each design unique. Similarly, his array of frame shapes include everything from heavy and bold, round hipster glasses to daintier square rims that make a more modest statement.

Celebs who rock Lagerfeld

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and models Baptiste Giabiconi, Sasha Luss and Ming Xi all sport Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses in his recent eye wear campaign, proving star personalities are drawn to the luxury look and feel that Lagerfeld’s designs evoke.

Priced under $200, Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses collection makes it easy for consumers to purchase designer fashion at an affordable cost. Check out the latest styles, as well as find out where to purchase Karl Lagerfeld’s sunglasses, by visiting our frames section!

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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