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Marc Jacobs Glasses: Designer of the People

Marc Jacobs GlassesOur fashion blog says that Marc Jacobs glasses are the rare high-end designer who has managed to create a following among people of all income levels. His namesake label has such a strong reputation that its clothes are automatically presumed to be reflections of what the hippest, coolest young adults are wearing. Jacobs is also one of the relatively few American designers to have made a name for himself in the Euro-centric world of haute couture.

The Clothes

Marc Jacobs’ glasses designs are known for having a childlike sensibility about them. There is usually a geometric element to them, whether in the fabric patterns or in the overall shapes of the garments. The brand is also known for incorporating androgyny into its looks. This quality is expressed through playfulness and quirkiness. Marc Jacobs is less likely to put the female figure on display than it is to express femininity through amplified playfulness. Many women have salivated over Jacobs’ designs without even realizing it; he was the creative director of Louis Vuitton during its period of huge popularity about 10 years ago.

Perhaps no other design house has captured the millennial spirit better than Marc Jacobs has. The emphasis on angles and casualness speaks to an awareness of real people that few other brands acknowledge. This is also where Jacobs’ American identity shines through. The brashness and boldness are permanent fixtures of his designs, not occasional forays off of the beaten path.

Perfume Juggernaut

Today’s young consumers are most likely to know the Marc Jacobs glasses brand because of its massively successful fragrances. Interestingly, the success of the Marc Jacobs perfume line is unrelated to the longstanding popularity of the brand’s clothing. In fact, the perfumes and clothing resonate with vastly different buying demographics. The clothing appeals to young adults who are firmly established in their lives and careers, while the perfumes are popular among teenagers.

Marc Jacobs had tried to enter the fragrance market before, but none of its scents managed to make a major impact. This changed in 2007 with the debut of Daisy. In a sense, Daisy captures everything that is immediately identifiable about the Marc Jacobs brand and translated it into a perfume. The very concept carries a heavy dollop of winking humor, as real daisies do not actually have a smell. It was introduced at a time when fruity florals were all the range in the fragrance market, and it quickly became one of the standouts of the category. It has a distinctive sharpness and an undercurrent of grassiness that keep it from being too sweet or young. There is something rather earthy about it, which underscores how flat-out great the scent is, since fragrances with “green” notes do not often become sensations among teenage buyers.

Daisy surely owes a great deal of its success to its adorable bottle, which features large white flowers on the lid. The aesthetic is so retro as to be modern, which definitely echoes the brand’s overall mission statement. Marc Jacobs abandoned any major attempts to launch mature perfumes and continued on the trajectory set by Daisy, which was followed by Lola (in another floral bottle), Dot (in a ladybug bottle) and Honey (in a honeybee bottle), just to name a few.


The brand made another savvy choice with its hipster glasses. They exemplify why Marc Jacobs is so good at reaching young adults, especially in the United States. Marc Jacobs legitimizes the trends that fashionable consumers are already sporting by giving them high-end options. These designer glasses have the thick, dark frames that millennials prefer, with the quality construction and customizable options that only a couture brand can offer.

Marc Jacobs glasses succeeds by giving people what they already know they want and sneaking in a few things that they never knew they needed. From its runway-ready fashions to fragrances and spectacles, the brand is a leader in practically every corner of the fashion industry.

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