Flexon Glasses for You

Flexon Glasses for You

 Flexon Glasses Our fashion blog knows that with their signature bridge and temples, lightweight style and bendable frames, Flexon glasses are recognized the world over as a premium eyewear line. A favorite among the tech-savvy crowd for decades, they’re becoming the spectacles of choice for consumers searching for subtly sophisticated eyewear too. Whether it’s a pair of classic aviators or traditional half-rim glasses given a modern update with a laser-cut pattern of dark and light tones, Flexon eyewear has a winning aesthetic that garnering them a host of new fans.

The History of Flexon Glasses

In 1961, scientists working for NASA stumbled upon a new technology while building heat shields for missiles. They discovered the ability of certain metal alloys to change shape in response to temperature changes. A number of private companies were awarded contracts to investigate the Shape Memory Effect (SME) technology, including Marchon Eyewear.

Using NASA’s shape-changing technology as a departure point, Marchon developed a special titanium composite that allowed the alloy to return to its original form even when twisted out of shape. Under the brand name Flexon, the company launched a new line of eyewear equipped with the patented technology in 1988.

Celebrity Sightings

Flexon Glasses From comedian Howie Mandel and actor Joe Manganiello to television host Alec Trebek and business magnate Donald Trump, there’s a long list of celebrities who favor Flexon eyewear over trendy hipster glasses. Actor Tom Hanks wore Flexon prescription glasses when he starred in the movie “Captain Phillips.” Singer Harry Connick Jr. has been spotted wearing a pair in Flexon style FL623.





Flexon Glasses Actor Eddie Redmayne wore a stylish pair of sunglasses from the new Flexon Sun Collection while promoting the film “The Theory of Everything.” The Sun line is the company’s first collection to feature both the cutting-edge memory shape technology and PolarRepel lenses. Made for Flexon by the German lens manufacturer Zeiss, the premium polarized lenses offer complete protection against UV rays and boast a coating that resists dust, smudges and scratches too.

Timeless Style

With frames that can snap back to their original shape even after being twisted like a pretzel, Flexon glasses are functional pieces of eyewear that offer considerable savings on replacement costs. At a time when trends in designer glasses change from season to season, their timeless style provides wearers with an affordable way to look chic and fashionable too.

From navigator shades to prescription eyewear, Flexon glasses are available in flattering styles for every face shape and at prices that make them an affordable choice for any budget. Featuring the shape-remembering technology first developed by NASA in the 1960s, these flexible, durable and innovative glasses offer a practical way to showcase a personal sense of style.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite Flexon glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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