Kazuo Kawasaki: Excellence

The Smart Design Behind Kazuo Kawasaki Glasses

Kazuo-Kawasaki Our fashion blog knows that when only a polished and professional look will do, savvy people choose Kazuo Kawasaki glasses. Established in 2007, this hip label has transformed the way people shop for glasses. The brand continuously puts out designs for men and women that balance timeless practicality with modern style. Kawasaki stands out because it offers a different spin on selecting eyewear than other popular brands on the market today. Consumers have the option to essentially build their own glasses by choosing shaped lenses and selecting the style of frames they desire. A person’s prescription is then applied to the lenses before they are complete. Many people value the customizable nature of Kawasaki glasses because it enables them to choose the best glasses for their features and personal tastes. The versatile selection of frames available gives each person a chance to research the types of glasses that are ideal for their face shape and design a pair accordingly. Available shapes for lenses include round, oval, square, aviator and rectangular.

The Color Connection

Kazuo-Kawasaki 4Kazuo Kawasaki also provides people with a chance to utilize color in subtle and classy ways. Frames from the label are available in colors that range from shiny gold and subdued silver to intelligent blue and striking brown. Perhaps the best thing about designer glasses from Kawasaki is that one pair can be worn with virtually any type of outfit.

Why People Choose Kazuo Kawasaki

Kazuo-KawasakiIn a world that embraces thick hipster glasses, Kawasaki frames are a refreshing option that allows people to wear glasses that make a subtle statement. The brand’s style is known for being clean and crisp. In fact, many people credit Kawasaki with popularizing the rimless frames that many news personalities and politicians wear today. People in the public eye choose designs from the brand because doing so enables them to look serious and stylish at the same time. The clear, open nature of frames by Kazuo Kawasaki also allows people to look directly into a wearer’s eyes instead of having to glare past the facade of thick, obtrusive rims.

Simple Is Best

Kazuo-Kawasaki 3While Kawasaki is a young brand that has less than a decade of clout behind it, it definitely appeals to the tastes of older people. Many people in the business world choose frames from the label because they are seeking a stylish way to wear prescription glasses. In addition, many customers find the lack of flair or eccentricities in the label’s designs to be a welcome change from some of the ostentatious looks many popular labels have put out in recent seasons. The ability to build a pair of glasses based on one’s own style preferences is also seen as a practical and satisfying feature of the brand.

Intelligence Matters

In addition to looking smart, Kawasaki eyewear was created by a very smart designer. The label’s founder is an industrial designer who has done research in creating artificial hearts, built computer displays and served as a director at Apple. Knowing this fact can give every wearer a sense of confidence about putting on a pair of well-engineered, cutting-edge frames every morning.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!
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  1. Cal Zamansky says:

    I bought the Model 631 in the AK lens shape. They are beautiful glasses. Unfortunately, I opted for the K-Klip sunglasses instead of transition lenses. The K-Klips never fit the glasses correctly. They were very difficult to put on, and I never could get them flush with the glasses. I ended up giving them back to the store and having the lenses re-done with transition, with everything ending up costing about $1,200. Whew! That’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend for a pair of glasses.

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