Giorgio Armani Eyeglasses

The Disarming Charm of Giorgio Armani Eyeglasses

giorgio armani eyeglasses Our fashion blog knows that the Giorgio Armani brand is legendary for offering coolness and style. While the Italian label has catered to men for most of its history, both men and women can enjoy and appreciate its stunning eyewear collection. Giorgio Armani eyeglasses stand out for being crisp and sophisticated in a sea of forgettable frames. The brand manages to constantly offer innovative and modern designs without abandoning the principles of simplicity and suaveness that made it rise to the top of the fashion world. Get ready to embrace the best of Italian design and universal style when you explore the amazing eyewear collection by Giorgio Armani.

The Timeless Appeal of Giorgio Armani

giorgio armani eyeglasses Why are Giorgio Armani eyeglasses so popular around the world? People who know about style are drawn to the brand’s crisp lines and rich colors. Every pair of frames from the brand’s current collection begs to be paired with a crisp blazer or worn with a fun top. While Giorgio Armani lenses are sturdy and serious, they also exhibit a subtle playfulness that looks charming on people of all ages. People are drawn to Giorgio Armani designs the same way they are drawn to beautiful Italian paintings or European architecture. The harmony of form and function that is present in every piece of eyewear from the label is simply magical. Of course, the main reason why people love designer glasses by Giorgio Armani so much is quality. Every pair is made with impeccable craftsmanship and durable materials. When you cover your eyes with a pair of prescription glasses from Giorgio Armani, it will be the start of a love affair that will last a long time.

Giorgio Armani’s Celebrity Connections

giorgio armani eyeglasses A brand this glamorous was destined to gain a huge following in Hollywood. Hillary Duff, Angelina Jolie, Lauren Conrad and Katie Holmes all love wearing dark and mysterious frames by Giorgio Armani. Famous men like Ricky Martin, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Fassbender, Sam Worthington, Bono and Russell Crowe are all routinely spotted wearing Giorgio Armani spectacles. Celebrities appreciate the fact that wearing eyewear by this Italian label allows them to look posh without looking like they are trying too hard to be fashionable.

The Giorgio Armani Look

giorgio armani eyeglassesWhile the current Giorgio Armani eyeglasses collection is versatile, there are certain features that all pieces have in common. The brand’s frames are all extremely sturdy and defined. Of course, there are many shapes, sizes and levels of thickness to choose from when picking out a new pair of glasses. The label offers versatile designs that give people the freedom to pick the best glasses for specific face shapes. The collection ranges from thick hipster glasses to delicate and transparent frames. In addition to classic black frames, the current collection also features tortoise patterns, blue hues, pink delights and earth tones. There is something very exciting about wearing styles that are worthy of the red carpet or the streets of Italy to the office, the classroom or around town. You might say that Venice meets Hollywood whenever a person wearing Giorgio Armani walks into a room.

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