A Modern Glasses Guide to Impress

A Modern Guide to Modern Glasses

Our fashion blog says that timeless is the new modern when it comes to glasses. Retro styles are dominating the runways and the pages of fashion magazines right now. Of course, the retro favorites of today come with updates and elements of sophistication that make them extremely modern. You can play with colors and shapes to choose a pair of glasses that makes you look current and confident. Whether you want to look like an edgy artist or a brainy entrepreneur, you have plenty of fantastic styles to choose from.

Everyone Admires Modern Glasses

Why are people so attracted to people who wear modern glasses? Everybody is drawn to a person who is moving forward. New glasses are the perfect way to show the world that you embrace change and innovation. The power of wearing a pair of updated frames should never be underestimated.

Defining the Modern Look

Modern glasses are crisp and bold. They feature clean, calculated lines and well-defined shapes. Nothing about the appearance of trendy glasses appears accidental. A person who sports a pair of cool glasses does so because they want the world to know that they are not afraid to embrace modern trends. There is a lot of variation when it comes to modern styles. Modern looks include big glasses, square glasses, thick frames and thin frames.

Celebrities Love Modern Glasses

There are a few celebrities you can always count on to highlight the right way to wear modern glasses. Tina Fey wears cute glasses better than almost anyone else. The comedienne usually opts for dainty spectacles with dark rims. Jenny McCarthy recently became a big fan of showing up to interviews and media appearances in dark, striking glasses. Johnny Depp shows the world how to wear modern glasses the right way every time he puts on a pair of his signature round spectacles.

Getting the Modern Look

In a sea of retro styles and hip looks, it can be tricky to pick a pair of spectacles that makes you look serious and stylish at the same time. The first step to choosing the right lenses is identifying your unique face shape. You can then choose a pair of glasses that brings out your cheekbones, promotes symmetry and maximizes your features. Most popular designers offer diverse eyewear collections that cater to the needs of people with all types of face shapes. The next decision to make is whether you want traditional black glasses or you want to add a dash of color to your look. Anything from striking red to classic white goes these days. Be sure to stick to designer glasses to ensure that you’re choosing a look the world can take seriously. Brands like Burberry, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, Versace and Gucci consistently put out styles that define the times. Modern collections from these brands feature glasses in a number of styles and cuts. Of course, hipster glasses can be flirtatious and playful. Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior and Tiffany & Co. all put out youthful, trendy styles that balance experimental design with classic sophistication. Don’t be afraid to choose designs with subtle patterns or embellishments. The key to finding the perfect pair of modern glasses is to choose a design that will add depth to a conservative business outfit and bring balance to fun, casual attire.
Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite modern glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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