Cool Glasses: Art and Style

The Art of Choosing Cool Glasses for Gentlemen

Cool Glasses are that right look

Looking Cool Glasses

What makes a man? Some say clothing. Others might refer to status. Of course, everyone in the fashion world, including our fashion blog,  knows that spectacles and the partner on his side make a man. The right pair of designer glasses can transform an average guy into a smart, cool and confident gent in a matter of seconds. While there are many types of prescription glasses available today, not all styles add coolness to one’s look. There is much to learn about the art of picking out cool glasses before you can claim a pair to call your own.

What Makes Glasses Cool?

Have you ever seen a man wearing glasses and marveled at just how polished and confident he looked? A pair of smooth, sleek trendy glasses can make the difference between a passable look and an impeccably suave demeanor. It’s important to look for glasses that are just the right size and style if you want to make a great impression. While big glasses are a great option, it’s important not to choose frames that are too big for your face. Be sure to study the shape of your face and determine which styles work best for your unique look. Don’t pick prescription glasses that have more than one thing going on. If you want something trendy, opt for thick frames in a subdued color. If you want a look that’s classically cool, opt for frames with light rims or no rims on the bottom portion.

The Age of Cool

In a world where everybody is looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, designer glasses have never been more important. Do you remember when glasses were worn exclusively by nerds, librarians and accountants? Hipster glasses have totally changed the way the world views glasses. Now everybody who’s anybody has a trusty pair of cool frames to use as a finishing touch. Even celebrities sport frames on the red carpet these days.

Cool Glasses Are for Everyone

Are you feeling intimidated about putting on a pair of glasses? You don’t need a special status to wear the same designer glasses today’s musicians, actors and models are seen wearing. In fact, the appeal of glasses spans all ages and demographics. Young people are naturally drawn to fresh, cutting-edge styles that show off a rebellious side or a thoughtful, artistic personality. Older men can use glasses as a way to add a hip touch to conservative outfits.

How to Get the Cool Glasses Look

If you’ve been shopping for glasses based on function over form, it’s time to finally find a comfortable, stylish pair of glasses that balances form and function perfectly. Today’s comfortable frames make it easy to make a fashion statement without worrying that your glasses will feel heavy or cumbersome. Start your hunt for new glasses by deciding if you want to look cool and mysterious or sleek and hip. Many in the fashion industry consider Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein to be the best brands for timeless, high-quality frames. Both of these brands offer a mix of dark, attention-grabbing frames and conservative spectacles.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite cute glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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