A Spotlight on Horn Rimmed Glasses

A Spotlight on Horn Rimmed Glasses

Hollywood Heavy Hitters with Horn Rimmed GlassesThere’s just something about horn rimmed glasses that inspires admiration and intrigue. Our fashion blog reviews that there’s a good chance you’ve seen people around the office or on the street wearing retro cool glasses that have caught your eye. If you’re not already familiar with this hip, classy style, a quick look at any fashion magazine will have you falling in love. These glasses feature a distinctive thick frame that dramatically draws attention to a wearer’s face. You can feel like an international spy, a brainy professor, a sassy librarian or a curious reporter when you slip on a pair of irresistible new glasses.

The Characteristics of Horn Rimmed Glasses

What sets these glasses apart from all others? This particular style was originally made out of horn or tortoise shell. Today’s designer glasses are made using thick plastic that is designed to resemble these two components. While they are typically black, many versions of prescription glasses in this style are also available in colors and patterns.

Why Everybody Loves Cool Glasses

This style of cool glasses seems to pop up in pop culture every few decades. It has been worn by many television and movie characters over the past century. As one of the staples of the hipster look, these glasses are more popular at the moment than ever before. What attracts people to this style? People love this style because it instantly makes anybody look studious, serious, mysterious and interesting. Horn rimmed glasses can add definition to the face and help to accentuate cheekbones. They are the best glasses for many types of face shapes.

Who Can Wear Horn-Rimmed Glasses?

One of the biggest questions surrounding these trendy glasses is whether or not they are suited for both genders. You’ll be happy to hear that they are. Of course, this style is far more popular among men. Young men can wear them to appear distinguished. Older men find that these glasses allow them to appear professional while adding a hip, quirky undertone. These spectacles are becoming increasingly popular among women. A number of designer brands have added these types of frames to their collections in recent seasons. Women’s glasses tend to be a bit daintier and thinner than the traditional style.

How to Pick The Frame Just For You!

Not every pair of big glasses with thick frames fits the criteria of “horn-rimmed”. You’ll want to look for frames that are wider on the top portion than they are on the bottom portion. In fact, many styles of these glasses are completely without a bottom border. Since these glasses are highly stylish, many people are left wondering how to choose glasses frames that won’t make them look like they are wearing a costume. If you want to avoid choosing a pair of glasses that looks a bit too much like a prop from a Hollywood film, it’s important to only purchase designer glasses. Brands like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Christian Dior, Burberry and Vera Wang all have high-quality, well-crafted versions of horn-rimmed glasses that can suit men and women.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!


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