The Best Glasses for Round Faces

glasses for round facesA good example of glasses for face shape involves glasses for round faces. Our fashion blog knows that the right frame not only improves vision, it also emphasizes or draws attention away from facial features.   The right frames lengthen and thin the face by adding lines and angles, giving your face structure and rigidity. Who would have guessed that a simple pair of eyeglasses could do that?

Round faces are typically soft and circular. They are equally long and wide. People with this type of face have full cheeks and rounded chins. There are no or few angles. Curves are what make round faces easy to spot in a crowd.

Celebrities That Wear Glasses for Round Faces

Some well-known celebs with round faces include Mrs. Ashton Kutcher aka Mila Kunis, American Idol superstar Kelly Clarkson, Singer/Songwriter Adele, and Casper cutie Christina Ricci. Take note of what style of frames they wear when sporting eyeglasses or sunglasses. Refer to websites and magazines for the latest eyeglass fashion trends. You’re likely to see some of your favorite stars wearing frames in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. They know a fabulous fashion trend when they see one!

Fitting Tips for Glasses for Round Faces

When choosing glasses for face shape especially for round faces, look for frames that add rigid angles and overall structure. The following tips help you select the right frames for your shape of face:

• Angular and Geometric Frames. If you want to balance out the curviness of your rounded face, select an angular or geometric frame. It adds sharp, distinctive lines which lengthens and thins the face.

• Rectangular Frames. A rectangular shape rates as one of americas best glasses for round faces. This type of eyeglasses breaks up the faces rounded structure. Round faces are equally wide and long making them appear smaller than they really are. Rectangular frames make faces appear longer and thinner. This style of glasses is among the most popular and easy to find in optical and online stores.

• Upswept Frames. Curvy cheeks shouldn’t be an issue. Glasses for round faces include upswept frames. If the glasses sweep upward at the temples, they draw attention to your cheeks and your eyes which adds to your attractiveness.

Finding these styles of glasses is easy. Your local optometrist might carry frames and lenses in your favorite color or pattern. If you prefer ordering glasses online, you’ll find more than your fair share of reasonably price frames in the aforementioned shapes.

Types of Frames to Avoid If You Have a Round Face

There are some glasses people with round faces should avoid. They are:

• Small and Short Frames. This style of frames make round faces seem rounder. No lines are created by wearing this type of eyeglasses. Opt instead for rectangular frames or upswept frames.

• Round Frames. Adding soft curves to an already round face is not ideal. This frame is not well-suited for people with a curvy face.

Angled and rectangular glasses for round faces come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. This allows people to let their unique personalities shine through the frames that they choose to wear. Glasses, like other fashion accessories, add to attire. That’s why people without vision problems sport trendy frames. They want to make a statement with their eyeglasses.

Selecting the right frames for your face shape is easy when you know what styles to look for. Eyeglasses for round faces include angular and geometric frames, rectangular frames, and upswept frames. Frame styles to avoid are small, short, and round. By eliminating what doesn’t look good on a round face and focusing on what does, men, women, and children can focus their attention on the brand, color, and shape of the eyeglasses they choose to wear.

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