Tiffany and Co Glasses: Top Chic

Tiffany and Co Glasses: Top Chic

Tiffany and Co GlassesOur glasses fashion blog reviews when it comes to prescription glasses, people have options Tiffany and Co glasses, Prada Glasses, or a host of other designer glasses. Men, women, and children have their choice of frames by their favorite designers and in the colors, materials, and styles that best fit their faces and personalities. Glassess are not only essentially to sight, they’re also one of the hottest fashion accessories around.Think about it for a second. Remember Buddy Holly’s signature rims? What about Sarah Palin and the stir her glasses caused while campaigning for Vice President? People couldn’t get enough of the frames she wore and for good reason. They were hip, fashionable, and attractive. They made people want to wear glasses!  If you’re going to wear glasses, you might as well wear them well. Pass up the color contacts and go for a pair of Tiffany and Co glasses instead. You’ll be in good company! People devote entire blogs to hip glasses and the even hipper people wearing them. Celebrities with perfect vision don frames whenever they want to change their look or make a statement.

Some tips that help when shopping for Tiffany and Co Glasses prescription glasses online:

• Make sure you have a copy of your prescription on hand so you can transfer the information to your online account. Websites use information about your vision for the lens in your frames. One of the things left off of most prescriptions is the Pupillary Distance. Ask your optometrist for this information so you won’t have to wait any longer to order awesome frames through the web.

• Decide what style of eyeglasses is right for you. Are you a rimless glasses kind of guy or gal? Do you prefer retro frames to go with your hipster haircut? Do aviator glasses make you feel like Tom Cruise?

• Choose a designer whose style you admire. Are Tiffany and Co glasses your thing? What about Prada glasses or Cartier glasses? There’s room for style in everyone’s budget. In fact, a number of websites offer cheap prescription glasses for a fraction of their retail cost.

• Determine what shapes and materials appeal to you? Many websites give you the option to upload a photo and try on frames the way you would at the optometrist’s office. Keep in mind every detail of your eyeglasses helps shape your overall fashionable look.

• Select a color from the options available for your glasses. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and wear red, blue, white or pink frames. Pick a bold pattern. It won’t clash with your clothing! It draws attention to your face and gives people the impression that you’re a fun and adventurous person.

Be a trendsetter with your fashionable frames. Look for eyeglasses that no one you know have. Experiment with different styles, designers, shapes, and materials to see which look best on you. Choose a funky pattern or bold color and own it.

Buddy Holly didn’t apologize for wearing glasses and you shouldn’t either. Have fun matching your frames to your mood. With cheap eyeglasses flooding the marketplace, there’s no reason why you can’t have several pairs to wear.

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