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The Best Glasses for Round Faces

A good example of glasses for face shape involves glasses for round faces. Our fashion blog knows that the right frame not only improves vision, it also emphasizes or draws attention away from facial features.   The right frames lengthen and … Continue reading

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Fashion’s Hottest Spectacles

Discover Spectacles from Fashion’s Hottest Designers If eyes are windows to the soul, then spectacles are doorways to style. Our fashion blog agrees that there is no question that designer glasses are the secret weapons Hollywood stars and fashion models … Continue reading

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Hipster Glasses and You!

Hipster Glasses Our fashion blogs says: People who need prescription lenses, especially thicker ones, like the fact that hipster glasses frames are thick enough to hide thick lenses. Finding the right glasses can make the difference between having a pair … Continue reading

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Americas Best Eyeglasses

Americas best eyeglasses for You When it comes to Americas best eyeglasses, you are of course going to think of the big name brands like Gucci, Prada and Versace, but do you know what you should really be looking for? … Continue reading

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Tiffany and Co Glasses: Top Chic

Tiffany and Co Glasses: Top Chic Our glasses fashion blog reviews when it comes to prescription glasses, people have options Tiffany and Co glasses, Prada Glasses, or a host of other designer glasses. Men, women, and children have their choice … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Glasses Trend Again?

Will Sarah Palin Glasses Trend Again in the 2016 Election? Our glasses fashion blog reviews Sarah Palin sporting a fashionable studded belt, American flag bracelet, and her signature Sarah Palin glasses: The Kawasaki 704, she addressed rumors about her bid … Continue reading

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