Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Buying Prescription Glasses OnlineOur glasses fashion blog reviews buying prescription glasses online has never been easier, more affordable or given customers as many options for frames as it does today. Gone are the days of scheduled fittings and adjustments. More importantly, ordering glasses through the web saves consumers as much as 80% or more depending on the company they choose to do business with. There’s plenty of reasons why people prefer buying prescription glasses online. Who doesn’t want to save time and money on frames?

Buying Prescription Glasses Online – Things to Know

First time customer? There are some things you need to know about buying prescription glasses online. First and foremost, you’re going to need to have an eye exam completed by an optometrist. There are plenty of eye care professionals nationwide. Contact one and schedule an eye exam. Once you have your prescription in hand, you can order eyeglasses online from your choice of retailer.

Prescription Glasses Terminology

Before you place your order, you’ll need some basic understanding of optometry terminology. Your prescription contains several numbers. You’ll see “Dist” which stands for distance correction and “Add” for reading correction for both eyes. You’ll be able to determine which eye is which by “R” for right and “L” for left. The numbers on the prescription have either a + or – depending on your vision needs.

Other terminology you’ll see on your prescription include:

• “Cyl” and “Axis”- If there are numbers written in the blanks, you have an irregularity in the shape of the eye called astigmatism. It distorts the viewed image and requires correction.
• “Sph”- If “sph” is written in the blanks instead, you do not have an astigmatism.
• “PD”- Pupillary distance refers to a measurement used by optometrists to make sure that you’re able to see through the lens. It positions the optical center of the lens with your eyes and center the correction in front of the pupil of your eye in the eyeglasses. Many optometrists leave this information blank on prescriptions. You’ll need this number if you plan on buying glasses online. If this information is left off of your prescription, call your eye doctor’s office and ask for it.
• “BCVA”- Best Corrected Visual Acuity has nothing to do with ordering glasses online. It does, however, give you an idea of how much your eyesight has improved or worsened. It lets you know the degree of total correction made by the glasses that you order with the prescription.

The information given to you by your optometrist makes ordering prescription glasses on the Internet easy. Simply plug in the required information and you’re good to go. That is, if you’ve already selected a frame or two to order.

Choosing Prescription Glasses Online That Fit Your Face and Personality

Choosing frames that fit your face and personality online is the real challenge. Some websites allow you to upload a photo so you can see what frames look like on you. Others simplify the process by categorizing eyeglasses by style or price. Men, women, and children have their own sections for frames. This makes selecting and buying prescription glasses online fast.

Here are some of the categories of eyeglasses most commonly sold:

• Full Rim Plastic
• Full Rim Metal
• Full Rim Mixed Materials
• Half Rim
• Rimless

Eyeglasses are also sold by style, shape, and material. For example, Retro Glasses is a style, Cat-Eye Glasses is a shape, and Plastic Glasses is a material. Knowing your preferences where materials, colors, and shapes is concerned makes ordering frames through the web effortless.

Buying prescription glasses online is convenient, affordable, and fun. Once you’ve found the website you want to place an order with, you’ll find yourself visiting the retailer often to see what new merchandise it has to offer. Ordering new frames takes minutes when your prescription is stored on the site. Simply log into your customer account, place the eyeglasses you want to purchase into your shopping cart, add your saved prescription information to the order, and checkout using an approved payment method.

It may take longer for your glasses to arrive by mail but many retailers make up for the time lost by offering free gifts like eyeglass cleaning kits and reduced or free shipping on orders that meet certain criteria. Incentives like that are hard to beat especially when you’re as pressed for time as you already are.

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