Dior Homme Glasses Offer What Every Man Needs

Dior Homme Glasses Offer What Every Man Needs

Dior Homme GlassesOur fashion blog knows that today’s men are very lucky. It is now possible to purchase Dior Homme glasses without jetting off to London or Paris. The famed label that has accessorized countless men in power offers delicious designs that men around the world can slip on whenever they want to create a masculine, intellectual look that nobody can resist. What is it about Dior Homme glasses that leaves other men impressed and makes women wonder who is hiding behind those shades? Step inside the world of Dior for a quick lesson on why the most powerful men in the world only trust their eyes to the Dior Homme label.

The History Behind Dior Homme

The legacy of the Christian Dior brand shines brightly in the pieces offered by the Dior Homme collection. Dior Homme is the menswear division of the iconic brand. Current collections that are introduced actually follow in the legacy of the Dior Monsieur label that was released in the 1990s and 1980s. This legacy collection brings European elegance to an entirely new level. It is currently under the creative direction of Kris Van Assche. Fans in the fashion world praise Dior Homme for its smooth silhouettes and striking details.

Dior Homme Glasses Have Never Been More Popular

Dior Homme GlassesDior Home glasses are the designer glasses that men with exquisite taste around the world choose. What is remarkable about this collection of eyewear is that it appeals to the tastes of sophisticated men without alienating everyday men who are shopping for prescription glasses. Sexiness and sophistication are the twin pillars upon which this famous brand stands. Men seeking to look polished and refined can rely on these glasses to help them finish any outfit. The true reason behind why this collection is so popular is that it never forces men to compromise. It is possible to enjoy extremely fashionable frames without giving up the durability and ruggedness that is required of modern prescription glasses.

What Is Dior Homme’s Demographic?

Men of good taste in all demographics and categories can certainly get behind the Dior Homme label. In fact, this is one of the most desirable eyewear labels in existence today. Younger men gravitate towards Dior Homme glasses because they know that frames from the label can help them to look mature and responsible. Older men gravitate towards the label because they know that frames from the label can help them to look current and charming. Of course, the really impressive thing about the Dior Homme label is that it knows no boundaries. Dior Homme frames are seen on men in Paris, Chicago, Rome, Beijing, Stockholm and many more major cities. The simple truth is that Dior Homme glasses are made for men in small towns and big cities.

Famous Men Trust Dior Homme

The Dior Homme label could easily be considered the most popular brand among high-profile men in Hollywood. Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Jared Leto, Robert Pattinson, Kanye West, Mick Jagger and David Beckham have all been photographed looking their best in Dior Homme shades. You might say that wearing designer glasses with the Dior Homme badge is something of a rite of passage in the celebrity world.

Breaking Down the Look of Dior Homme Glasses

Dior Homme GlassesIs it really possible to put an amazing label like Dior Homme in a box? The fact of the matter is that Dior Homme defies all labels when it comes to the look of its frames. However, there are some characteristics that are universal throughout the collection. The famed designers behind Dior Homme definitely prefer chunky and dramatic frames. There is no lack of the use of rich, velvety black textures when it comes to the label’s most popular designs. Of course, the label does break from tradition once in a while to play with fresh, sporty aviator designs and ultra-thin frames. Dior Homme is definitely at its best when it’s offering square frames. No other brand can even touch Dior when it comes to producing intelligent, attention-grabbing square frames. For those that prefer round frames, the label does provide quite a few rounded and oval designs that can flatter any face. The bottom line is that no label offers more magnificence or prestige. A man in shades by Dior Homme is a man who is in charge of his own destiny.

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Carrera Glasses : Seeing the World

Seeing the World in Carrera Glasses

Carrera Glasses Our fashion blog knows that Carrera is a brand that’s oozing with charisma. It’s not every single day that a designer label manages to offer such forward-thinking style in such a practical package. Carrera is a brand that dominates when it comes to creating distinctive, high-quality designs that work in both fashion magazines and everyday life. Are you ready for a brand that knows how to take designer glasses to an extreme new level? Strap on your seat belt to take a ride in the fast lane with Carrera glasses of all shapes and sizes.

The History Behind the Carrera Label

The Carrera brand was founded in Austria by Wilhelm Anger in 1956. Anger was actually inspired to create a line of sunglasses based on the Carrera Panamericana auto race. Things jumped to the next level just a few years later when Wilhelm Anger developed and patented a special material that provided permanent elasticity and dimensional stability. This enabled the Carrera label to create stylish, durable glasses that delivered the level of performance athletes in the worlds of racing and skiing needed. Carrera has in the past been a proud sponsor of America’s Cup, the Winter Olympics and Formula 1.

The Popularity of Carrera Glasses

Carrera GlassesPeople adore Carrera glasses because they know that they can always count on the label to release substantial designs that are ideal for work, play, sports and everything else. It is rare these days for a fashion label to actually put out designs that can be counted on when it comes to performance and durability. Carrera breaks the mold by designing eyewear that works for ordinary people and extraordinary athletes. It is so refreshing to be able to own a pair of sunglasses that people can take seriously. The best part is that you can actually pick a sporty Carrera style to use for prescription glasses.

Who Wears Carrera Glasses?

The sporty nature of the Carrera label definitely makes it a popular choice among people under the age of 30. This is a label that caters to people who are active and athletic. Wearing a pair of Carrera sunglasses signals to the world that you are in the prime of your life. However, there certainly isn’t a closed-door policy when it comes to who can wear beautiful Carrera designs. People of all ages gravitate towards this brand because of the quality it offers. You can be 16 or 60 and enjoy the fun of slipping your spicy Carrera shades on every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

Celebrities Are Captivated by Carrera

Carrera GlassesCarrera isn’t just a label that’s beloved by athletes. Celebrities in all categories are captivated by the beauty of Carrera frames. In fact, many of the most celebrated male celebrities in the world are regularly seen in Carrera frames. The list of high-profile men devoted to Carrera frames includes Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Penn Badgley, Alexander SkarsgĂĄrd and Robert Downey Jr. Leading ladies also can’t resist how smooth and sporty Carrera shades look when paired with any type of outfit. That’s probably why Alicia Keys, Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani have all been photographed looking lovely in Carrera frames.

Describing the Essence of Carrera Glasses

What would you get if you combined the power and speed of a race car with the sophistication and elegance of a tuxedo? The result would be something very similar to what every design by Carrera has to offer. The brand is famous for creating designer glasses that flawlessly combine a posh essence with a sporty backbone. Many people know Carrera for designing modern aviator frames that wrap around the eyes so elegantly. In addition, the brand experiments with a variety of square and round frames that are engineered to flatter all face shapes. Shoppers can pick from an assortment of metal and plastic frames when browsing prescription glasses from the label. Carrera does something that no other label in existence can do when it comes to bringing amazing colors, patterns and textures to glasses that are extremely practical. Even the fanciest design offered by the label still outdoes the competitors when it comes to how the frames perform under pressure. Many people are pleasantly surprised when they discover that there are multiple styles offered by the label that can be enjoyed by those of us who have never stepped foot on a racetrack or skied down a daring mountain path.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite Carrera glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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People Love Tommy Hilfiger Glasses

People Love to Work and Play in Tommy Hilfiger Glasses

Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger is a brand that’s synonymous with the American spirit. Fashionable people love Tommy Hilfiger glasses because they are sporty and fun. In addition, Tommy Hilfiger glasses enjoy a reputation for being durable and comfortable. The thing you need to know about Tommy frames is that they are designed to truly be lived in. Looks by Tommy Hilfiger are ideal if you’re shopping for prescription glasses because they provide the quality, dependability and versatility you need from your everyday frames. Whether you’re shopping for fashion frames of prescription glasses, get ready to fall in love with the Tommy look.

The Tommy Hilfiger Story

Tommy Hilfiger GlassesIt doesn’t get more American than the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Themes of youth, love, sport, leisure and the American dream are woven into every inch of every design the label creates. Tommy Hilfiger founded his fashion label in 1985. It expanded from offering apparel to selling a variety of accessories and perfumes just before going public in 1992. The brand is known for its sporty, high-society fashions. The fashion world quickly embraced the Tommy look. In fact, celebrities and music stars have been routinely seen wearing Tommy fashions for the past 20 years. Tommy Hilfiger has dressed and accessorized just about every major celebrity you can think of. What is particularity charming about this label is how accessible it is to everyday people. The same looks that are beloved by the rich and famous can also be enjoyed by ordinary people.

Why People Love Tommy Glasses

Tommy Hilfiger glasses never go out of style. People love the label’s eyewear looks because they are so fresh and versatile. There is a real peppiness to the label’s overall look that translates to a clean, modern style. Even the most serious design in the Tommy collection has a streak of sporty fun in it. The bottom line is that Tommy Hilfiger creates eyewear that you can truly live in.

Living in the Age of Tommy

Tommy HilfigerYou can’t deny that Tommy Hilfiger eyewear is hotter than it’s ever been. The younger crowd has completely embraced the label in recent years. It is pretty apparent that the fresh and fun designs by the brand have a young vibe. Younger shoppers looking for high-quality glasses online tend to gravitate towards Tommy Hilfiger frames because they are fresh and current. It is also quite easy to have frames by the brand fitted to be used as prescription glasses. However, Tommy glasses aren’t just for the young. There are many distinguished and understated designs in the current collection that are ideal for people of all ages. The label’s square frames and transparent styles are especially attractive for more mature wearers.

Superstars Love Tommy Hilfiger Glasses

All the hottest Hollywood celebrities know and love the Tommy Hilfiger label. Movie stars, musicians and models are constantly seen dashing around in Tommy frames. Ryan Gosling and Jeremy Piven top the list of leading men who are routinely seen wear Tommy Hilfiger glasses. Katie Perry is frequently photographed wearing stylish frames by Tommy Hilfiger. What celebrities love about eyewear designs by the brand is that they allow them to look understated without sacrificing an ounce of style.

The Tommy Look

A Tommy Hilfiger design is that perfect accessory that you’d grab just before walking out the door of a summer cottage on Martha’s Vineyard to hop on a friend’s yacht. There is no denying the sporty, polished appearance that this label executes so well. People around the world are addicted to the preppy and upscale look of every frame the label puts out. While the brand does offer quite a bit of versatility when it comes to shape and color, there are certain features that are consistently present throughout each season. One thing that you’re sure to notice as you browse Tommy glasses online is that every pair looks like it was created to transition flawlessly from work time to playtime. You’re sure to find a rectangular frame that can serve as a perfect punctuation mark to a stylish outfit. The label’s square designs tend to be youthful and sturdy. The Tommy Hilfiger label really knows how to craft round frames that make bold statements. Of course, you’ll even find a few sporty variations on the classic aviator look when you check out this season’s line of Tommy Hilfiger glasses.

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The World in Banana Republic Glasses

See the World in Banana Republic Glasses

Banana Republic GlassesAt our fashion blog, we all know the people who wear Banana Republic glasses. They usually look flawlessly sophisticated and coolly casual without even trying. They confidently pair their glasses with business attire and weekend gear without having a second thought. People who wear Banana Republic glasses enjoy the confidence of owning timeless, classy styles that look good in every situation. If it’s time to get some new prescription glasses, Banana Republic frames should definitely make your list as you search for designer glasses online.

Banana Republic Through the Years

Banana Republic is a brand that men and women around the world recognize for comfort and class. The brand was established in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler. The couple had a passion for acquiring interesting clothing during their travels to faraway and exotic places. They stocked their safari-themed store with clothing items from around the world. The popular store was eventually bought by the Gap. Banana Republic now has over 600 stores at international locations. Fans of Banana Republic still feel the sense of adventure and love of exploration that made the brand so vibrant from the start.

The Popularity of Banana Republic Glasses

Banana Republic solidified its reputation as one of the most important brands in the world when it released a line of eyewear for the first time. Banana Republic frames transfer the polished, casual look that the brand is famous for to its eyewear designs. The Banana Republic eyewear line is full of deliciously simple designs that can be worn every single day. People looking for glasses online often choose Banana Republic frames because they are designed to fit elegantly and easily when used as prescription glasses. Why do so many people love Banana Republic? The simple answer is that the brand has mastered the art of offering simplicity without resorting to releasing boring designs. The brand consistently releases dependable, high-quality designs that work for real life.

Who Loves Banana Republic?

Banana Republic GlassesIt can be difficult to find a brand that everyone can agree to love these days. However, Banana Republic offers a little something for everyone because of its commitment to providing classic, no-frills looks. The younger generation has discovered Banana Republic because of the way the label’s glasses make them feel sophisticated and mature. Older fans of the brand enjoy owning glasses that provide sophistication without appearing stale or outdated.

Hollywood Stars Love the Simplicity of Banana Republic

Both ordinary people and Hollywood celebrities are united in a love of Banana Republic eyewear. The label’s glasses are just what celebrities need when they are enjoying a low-key lifestyle away from the set or stage. Of course, you’ll still find pictures of them wearing gorgeous glasses whenever you open a magazine or browse a fashion blog. Superstars like Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift have both been seen jetting around the world in Banana Republic shades. Actress Julie Bowen is also routinely seen in frames by the brand. Krysten Ritter, Scott Speedman and Olivia Palermo have all served as brand ambassadors for the label’s eyewear line.

The Legendary Look of Banana Republic Frames

Banana Republic GlassesBanana Republic is a brand to consider if you’re looking for glasses online that check all the right boxes in terms of style, fit and durability. The one thing that you can always expect from the brand’s eyewear collection is consistency. Banana Republic isn’t in the business of pulling any surprises when it comes to its signature looks. Of course, the brand does occasionally flirt with some playful, trendy touches here and there. Details like bright colors and subtle patterns are used to bring a youthful and experimental dimension to the brand’s line each season. The signature feature that most people picture when they think of Banana Republic frames is a square lens. The brand has truly perfected the look of square and rectangular frames. There are also some round and oval looks thrown into the mix to balance things out. You’ll even find some gorgeous aviator frames as you search for glasses online under the Banana Republic label. You’ll discover a velvety assortment of black, brown and grey as you browse the thick and thin frames that are available. Do you want to look like you just stepped off the front page of a fashion blog? Grabbing a pair of designer glasses online doesn’t have to be a gamble if you stick with a trusted brand like Banana Republic.

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We All Want Prada Lina Rossa Glasses

We All Want Prada Lina Rossa Glasses

prada lina rossaWhat do you get when you combine everyday casual looks with the sophisticated twist of Europe’s runways? You end up with Prada Lina Rossa glasses. There’s simply no mistaking this exceptional label for some other brand. Slipping on frames from this collection means entering a world where everything looks a bit more stylish. It has come to be expected by insiders in the fashion industry that Prada Rosa Lina will always release some of the most attractive eyeglasses and sunglasses of the season. What you might find exciting is that this exclusive label also makes its collections available to people who shop for glasses online. Discover why slipping on a design by Prada Lina Rossa can change how the world views you.

The Prada History

prada lina rossaPrada is a brand that is always on the tongues of celebrities, models and socialites. There’s no doubt that many of your favorite stars in Hollywood frequently wear Prada clothing and accessories. This Italian fashion house specializes in creating luxury wear. It was founded in Italy by the Prada brothers all the way back in 1913. Their shop originally sold leather goods that were of the highest quality. The brand remains under management of the Prada family to this day. It wasn’t until Miuccia Prada took the helm of the brand in 1970 that the Prada label became known for its revolutionary looks and undeniable prestige. Of course, the brand has gone through many transformations over the years. This includes a number of offshoots that focus on different aspects of Prada’s identity. The Prada Lina Rossa line is a special offshoot of the brand that is intended to capture a look that is perfect for sport and leisure. In fact, many pieces from the Prada Lina Rossa line are intended to be sailing accessories. The great thing about this line is that it is practical enough that ordinary people can enjoy breezy, stylish eyewear looks even if they never step foot on a boat. This label has quickly become something that people searching for high-quality glasses online want most.

The Popularity of Prada Lina Rossa Glasses

The demand for Prada Lina Rossa glasses has never been higher. This eyewear collection offers that sporty, timeless look that people dream about when they think of smart eyeglasses and glamorous sunglasses. One of the reasons why the Prada Lina Rossa line is such a sensation is that it is full of versatile looks that can be worn for work, play and everything else. All of the designs in the collection are ideal for anyone looking for prescription glasses. This is important because many of the trendy styles out there today are created by brands that don’t have the skill to cut frames to work with prescription lenses. What you get when you buy Prada Lina Rossa glasses online is far more than just a fashion accessory. You are getting a reliable, high-quality piece of art that will stand the test of time and provide a comfortable fit.

The Ageless Beauty of Prada Lina Rossa Glasses

prada lina rossaIt can be difficult to find a style that unites the young and the old these days. Prada Lina Rossa eyewear transcends all expectations and barriers to unite people from every demographic in their love of the collection. You can’t go to a major city without seeing people clutching their briefcases as they march down crowded sidewalks wearing Prada Lina Rossa glasses. It is definitely the brand to have among young professionals these days. Of course, even seasoned fashion lovers embrace this brand because of the way it offers timeless looks that are so flattering for every face shape. Even students in high school and college wear glasses from this line. The simple truth is that everybody wants the casual elegance and understated glamour that this celebrated eyewear label brings to the table.

Celebrities Are Faithful to the Prada Lina Rossa Label

Celebrities love Prada Lina Rossa glasses just as much as the general public does. The label has more than a few loyal fans in Hollywood. Dakota Fanning is often seen wearing frames from the brand as part of her youthful, fashion-forward ensembles. Amanda Kerr also routinely keeps the sun out of her eyes by hiding them beneath some gorgeous Prada Lina Rossa shades. Even the guys of Hollywood are into this brand. Talib Kweli often shows up in looks by Prada Lina Rossa to prove that this breezy, sporty collection is even perfect for fans of the rap world.

The Irresistible Features of Prada Lina Rossa Frames

You know a label is iconic when its true fans can spot authentic pieces from each collection from a mile away. There is simply no imitating when it comes to the beauty of Prada Lina Rossa frames. While the line offers a great variety of looks, there are some features that are prevalent throughout each individual design. The brand is best known for its clean lines and classic shapes. Of course, there is a certain dramatic flair that is present in even the most classic looks offered by Prada Lina Rossa. The label has a particularly strong talent for designing square and rectangular frames. You’ll notice the way the designers behind these looks have artfully brought a dramatic dimension to boxed shapes. Another thing that the label does extremely well is the classic aviator look. Prada Lina Rossa has managed to reinterpret the traditional aviator design to create an upbeat, contemporary essence that looks good on everyone. In fact, you’ll find aviator designs that range from square and rigid to playfully bulbous. Texture is another big achievement for the Prada Lina Rossa label. You can look forward to deliciously shiny surfaces that are polished to perfection. The wonderful texture of Prada Lina Rossa frames combines perfectly with the rich hues of black, brown and grey that are so prevalent in the color scheme of the brand’s current collection. The fact that designs by this brand are versatile enough for everyday use makes them ideal for anyone looking for prescription glasses.

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Nine West Glasses – Style Moves

Nine West Glasses Moves in the Direction of Style

nine west glassesOur fashion blow knows that Nine West glasses is a brand that looks good from any direction. The brand’s eyewear collection delivers sleek, polished looks that modern men and women can use to finish any outfit perfectly. Nine West offers a stunning mix of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are perfect for everyday wear. Nine West is one of the most wanted brands people seek when shopping for glasses online. Savvy shoppers have discovered that Nine West designs are deliciously compatible with what people need from prescription glasses. Are you ready to discover why the Nine West label is a perfect 10 when it comes to fit, style and quality? Find out why this eyewear brand has remained a favorite among everyone from celebrities to everyday people for more than three decades.

The Story Behind Nine West

The Nine West brand has roots in the heart of New York City. It actually gets its name from the Solow Building located at 9 West 57th Street in New York City. The surprising thing about Nine West is that it is a relatively young brand when compared to the many luxury brands it shares a category with. The brand was started in 1983. It currently has over 800 global locations in 57 countries around the world. Nine West originally found its footing as a shoe company. It soon expanded to offer handbags, has, scarves, belts, jewelry, wraps and eyewear. It goes without saying that the release of the Nine West eyewear collection is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world each year.

Why the World Loves Nine West Glasses

nine west glassesThere is something extremely satisfying about the way eyewear by the Nine West label can make anyone feel sophisticated and modern in the blink of an eye. There isn’t an eyewear brand out there that can rival the clean, crisp look that Nine West creates each season. It is so easy to take delight in the fact that the label puts out looks that provide fun updates on classic shapes and timeless colors. Many people are delighted to discover that they can shop for glasses online to get the same Nine West designs that are available in high-end department stores in the world’s major cities.

Nine West Glasses Offer Sophistication Without Boundaries

You might think that Nine West is a brand for working professionals and business-minded people at first glance. The clean lines and polished edges of most looks by the brand certainly make it seem that Nine West was created for boardrooms. What you’ll discover when you dig a little bit deeper is that people of all ages and lifestyles are drawn to Nine West glasses. Everyone from students to stay-at-home moms can appreciate how easy to wear each Nine West design is. In addition, these frames are built specifically to make it easy for people who wear prescription glasses to get what they need.

Celebrities Love Nine West Eyeglasses

Even Hollywood’s biggest stars can appreciate the no-nonsense look of Nine West eyewear. Songstress Carly Rae Jepson is routinely seen wearing her favorite pair of Nine West frames. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba also shows up in Nine West frames both on and off the set of “Dancing With the Stars.”

The Features That Define Nine West Glasses

nine west glassesThe beauty of the Nine West label is that it satisfies everyone. Whether you’re looking for hipster glasses that make a statement or you want petite reading frames for the office, you’ll fall in love. Every Nine West design features classic touches. You don’t have to worry about wading through gimmicky designs to find a look that you can wear every day without getting bored. The designers at Nine West have mastered the art of creating designs that offer clean shapes and perfect proportions. Every frame is made to flatter a variety of face shapes. You’ll never find yourself battling with the way a frame overpowers your face or makes your features look clumsy when you snag a design by Nine West. The first thing you’ll notice when you browse the current collection of eyeglasses is that black frames are the dominant look. Nine West is famous for creating perfect black frames that can be worn seven days a week. Of course, you’ll also find that the brand knows how to play with white, grey and clear frames like no other label can. It is quite rare that a brand can play with color without diminishing the sophistication of its pieces. All you’ll see is impeccable craftsmanship when you browse cat-eye designs with transparent frames or breezy aviator styles that shimmer in the sun. There are a few things that all glasses made by Nine West have in common. You can look forward to a comfortable fit, impeccable design and unparalleled durability when you follow the direction of Nine West when choosing your new glasses.

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Emporio Armani Glasses Turn Heads

Emporio Armani Glasses Always Turn Heads

Emporio Armani Glasses

Our fashion blog knows that it says a lot when the mere mention of a brand can cause you to have visions of romantic liaisons under the hot lots of Paris or elegant afternoons on the beaches of Capri. Emporio Armani is one of the most celebrated brands in the world because of the way it captures the essence of sophistication. A life lived in glasses by Armani is no ordinary life at all. Many people around the world adore Emporio Armani glasses. No other designer label on the planet is able to craft such timeless and exquisite frames. Emporio Armani eyewear uses elements of haute couture to create designs that are always a step ahead of what other labels are offering. In addition, Armani eyewear is celebrated for being durable, resilient and versatile. Emporio Armani glasses are some of the best glasses to choose if you’re looking for frames that work with prescription lenses. The beauty, durability and secure fit delivered by the brand combine to make every design it releases ideal for daily wear.

The Story Behind the Iconic Look of Emporio Armani Eyewear

This iconic Italian fashion house was founded by Giorgio Armani in Milan in 1975. The high-end label has gone on to offer shoes, leather goods, fragrances, jewelry and more. The Armani label has never turned its back on the commitment to quality and craftsmanship that caused it to rise to the top of the heap in the fashion world.

Emporio Armani Continues to Grow in Popularity

Not every brand can manage to become more and more relevant as the decades go on. However, the Armani label defies expectations by raking in billions of dollars each year and winning adoring fans in Hollywood. The Armani label is a hot ticket when it comes to online glasses that can be ordered for use with prescriptions. One of the reasons why the label has managed to stay so relevant is because it continuously seeks to incorporate modern touches and fresh trends into its collections. This is one brand that definitely doesn’t rely on old tricks to make new statements. The designers behind the Emporio Armani name are constantly experimenting with new colors and textures. In addition, faithful fans look forward to the ways the label will improve upon classic shapes to make frames that flatter every type of face.

Who Is Wearing Armani Glasses?

Emporio Armani GlassesIs there a person of any age who can resist flirting with the beauty of the Armani label? The fact of the matter is that this is a label for all seasons, tastes and ages. A refined gentleman can have as much luck finding a frame that suits his look as a young lady looking for stylish glasses to wear to school. From offices and classrooms to red carpets and private jets, Armani glasses work for people of all lifestyles and ages. The secret to why people in every demographic love Armani glasses is that the label has mastered the art of creating versatile, practical frames that also deliver a little bit of edgy beauty.

Stars Shine in Armani Eyewear

Armani is a brand that celebrities love to wear on the red carpet. There is just something about the way Armani’s smooth designs sparkle when flashbulbs are going off. A beautiful Armani frame pairs so nicely with tuxes and gowns. Of course, celebrities also love the look of Armani while they’re going about their lives or travelling the world. Who has been spotted in Armani frames recently? Cristiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox and Rihanna have all been the official faces of Armani in various ad campaigns. In addition, David and Victoria Beckham famously paired up to model for the label. Many more stars love Armani for the simple fact that the label puts out gorgeous, high-quality designs. Ricky Martin, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg are just some of the high-profile fans of the brand. Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens, Karolina Kurkova and Lauren Conrad all adore the way Armani glasses look on them.

The Classic Look of Armani

Emporio Armani GlassesIs there really one way to describe an eyewear label that crosses so many genres and styles with each collection it releases? Emporio Armani glasses can only be called timeless. There are certain elements that remain regardless of how contemporary and cutting-edge each new collection is. The creative minds behind Armani are masters at creating perfectly defined lines that make each frame look like a work of art. They also know how to balance serious engineering with delicate detailing to create strong and elegant looks. One thing that Armani has perfected is the essential black frame. The label offers many variations of understated black frames that are ideal for both men and women. These classic frames get the job done when it comes to making a strong statement without straying from the classic fit and attractive proportions that go into creating a gorgeous design. Armani offers both thin frames and thick frames. One other thing that Emporio Armani does right is color. The label instinctively knows when a dash of red or dollop of blue will transform a design into a fashion-forward accessory that turns heads. Shape is also a big thing for Armani. No other label can create square frames the way this one can. There are so many amazing variations of square and rectangular frames to choose from once you dig in and check out the full collection. There is also room to have fun with rounded frames and updated aviator frames. Little touches like nose pads and double bridges are in place to ensure that every pair offers a level of comfort that one would expect from a high-end brand. The obvious quality and serious craftsmanship behind each design will make it clear to observers that these frames aren’t part of the disposable fashion trend that so many people fall for. Shopping for online glasses for prescription lenses or fashion wear is easy when you choose a brand that already has an enduring reputation for quality.

Share with us and our thousands of readers in the comment sections below of your favorite Emporio Armani glasses and tell us the story of how you found them and what inspired you!

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DVF Glasses-Diane von Furstenberg

DVF glasses in Style!

dvf glassesOur fashion blog knows that if you’re searching for stylish glasses, it won’t be long before you stumble across chic DVF glasses options. The legendary designer offers a wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses sure to suit even the most discerning fashion maven. These bold, glamorous designer glasses are perfect for the modern woman.

Diane von Furstenberg is famous for her vibrant colors, bold prints, and effortlessly wearable clothing. With here eyewear collections, she continues to utilize the design principles that make her fashion so appealing. From trendy frames to colorful cat eyes, DVF glasses for women who aren’t afraid to stand out. The line offers an assortment of prescription glasses and sunglasses. If you’re looking for glasses online, be sure to check out this fashionable line from one of style’s greatest icons.

Diane von Furstenberg first founded her brand in 1972. Her line of clothing was originally created to cater to the glamorous, confident woman. It became a favorite brand of women all over the world when Diane von Furstenberg released the first wrap dress, which has since become a chic wardrobe staple. Known for bright colors, flattering silhouettes, and signature prints, Diane von Furstenberg is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world. After taking the fashion world by storm with the ready-to-wear clothing line, the brand expanded into accessories and other goods. Fashionable women who have always trusted DVF to make flattering clothing can now turn to the designer for handbags, shoes, jewelry, small leather goods, scarves, and glasses. As the brand expands, the legend of Diane von Furstenberg only continues to grow. If you’re looking for stylish, powerful clothing and accessories for the modern woman, DVF glasses can’t be beat.

dvf glassesThese glasses are popular because they epitomize the chic, bold aesthetic that the Diane von Furstenberg brand is famous for. They use stylish details, unexpected colors, and eye-catching patterns, and they stand out in a crowd of conventional spectacles. If you’ve been searching for glasses online, you’ve probably noticed that many glasses on the market are rendered in conventional colors and basic styles. If you’re bored of muted colors and oval frames, Diane von Furstenberg can help you spice up your eyewear aesthetic. This great selection of glasses is trendy but classic, bold but eminently wearable. These may be the glasses you’ve been looking for.

DVF glasses is a luxury brand that caters to women of all ages who love bold, flattering fashion. Her wrap dresses and separates have long been a staple of the New York City working woman, and she continues to gain a foothold with the younger demographic thanks to her use of color and striking silhouettes. Her collection of glasses are designed for professional women who want to stand out from the crowd. This multi-generational brand has legions of loyal followers, and the brand’s adventurous yet classic aesthetic will never go out of style.

Diane von Furstenberg is a favorite of celebrities, from actresses to reality TV stars. Fashionistas ranging from Jessica Alba to Kourtney Kardashian have been seen wearing Diane von Furstenberg clothing and accessories. The brand’s eye-catching patterns, contemporary aesthetic, and fun accessories have made it a longtime favorite of the celebrity set.

dvf glassesDVF glasses are distinguished by their bold colors and fashionable frames. The brand utilizes high-quality materials and the latest trends to create their exciting range of glasses.

Many of the frames are rendered in chic color options, such as black color blocking, blue marble, and teal tortoise. The frames are available in a number of styles, from cat-eye shapes to classic square shapes. Whatever your face shape, you’ll find a frame that’s flattering among the brand’s range of options. People with oval faces will love the cat-eye styles, while people with square faces should try on some chic aviator glasses. If you have a heart shaped face, take a look at DVF’s selection of retro square frame options.

To ensure that the frames are durable and long lasting, they are equipped with a number of great details. Stopper hinges keep glasses from getting scratched, and full rims prevent them from breaking when dropped. These keep stylish specs in excellent shape. When you purchase DVF frames, a case and cleaning cloth are also included.
For decades, the Diane von Furstenberg brand has cultivated that appeals to strong, chic contemporary women. If you’re looking to upgrade your eyewear style, the brand’s selection of sunglasses and prescription glasses is unmatched. These colorful, bold frames ensure that you’re making a style statement every time you step out of the house. Don’t settle for unremarkable eyeglasses. Brighten up your face with a chic pair of DVF glasses.

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Meet DKNY Glasses


DKNY GlassesOur fashion blog knows that it’s hard to open a magazine or turn on the television without seeing someone in DKNY glasses. DKNY has become one of the most treasured eyewear brands in the world because it offers such versatile and practical options for people of all ages. In addition to being wildly stylish, eyewear by this brand is deliciously practical. In fact, DKNY glasses are ideal for use with prescription lenses because they deliver a precise and comfortable fit. People are loyal to the brand because it consistently releases durable, dependable and gorgeous frames that manage to always stay one step ahead of trends. Explore the past, present and future of one of the most iconic labels to ever be born in New York City.

The Legacy of DKNY

The DKNY label was started by Donna Karan 1984. Of course, Ms. Karan is a fashion heavyweight who needs no introduction. This legendary designer has dressed and accessorized all of the biggest names in Hollywood and the fashion world. Karan already had 15 years of experience as a lead designer for Anne Klein before branching out and launching her own collection. The first launch of the Donan Karan line in 1984 was a huge success. However, it wasn’t until 1989 that DKNY would be born. DKNY was born out of Donna Karan’s desire to sell affordable and breezy pieces that appealed to a younger audience. DKNY quickly became a hit after its introduction to the world. The DKNY label has stayed at the head of the fashion world for the past three decades. The label really took off once it introduced an eyewear line. In fact, many of the hottest models of the moment have represented the brand’s eyewear collection throughout the years. Cara Delevingne is currently the face of DKNY.

The Popularity of DKNY Glasses

DKNY glasses are popular because the brand has an unwavering ability to tap into the needs and tastes of the moment. You can chalk this up to the fact that DKNY is a New York City brand at its core. This is a brand that can appeal to those looking for designer glasses, hipster glasses and timeless spectacles. It goes without saying that this brand dominates the eyewear scene season after season. You will definitely see DKNY eyewear designs in offices, classrooms and shopping malls if you start paying attention. In addition, you’re likely to see DKNY frames every time you turn on the television to watch scripted shows or news programs. Of course, being popular should never be confused with being ordinary when it comes to DKNY designs. This label puts out extraordinary products that are superior to many other options on the market today.

Who Is Wearing DKNY?

DKNY GlassesThe bottom line is that DKNY eyewear is gorgeous and versatile enough to appeal to everyone. It is particularly favored among the professional crowd because every frame designed and created by the label exudes a professional and sophisticated vibe. Professionals love frames by DKNY because they are so simple and understated. There are so many styles that can be worn to work or school every day. Of course, each collection also features a number of attention-getting designs that stray a bit from convention. These styles are popular among people of all ages because they make it so easy to pull off a fashion-forward look. People in the younger demographic tend to like DKNY eyewear designs because they make it easy to pull off a serious and studious look. People in the older demographic enjoy DKNY designs because they make it so easy to look hip and youthful. The label offers frames for both men and women.

Celebrities Trust Their Eyes to Donna Karan

You probably already know that Donna Karan has designed countless outfits and gowns for the biggest celebrities in the world. What you may not know is that the DKNY label is preferred by many celebrities. Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Julia Roberts and Hillary Duff have all pulled off smart, sophisticated looks while rocking some DKNY frames. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt have all shown their affection for the label by showing up in DKNY frames to important events. Celebrities know that these are the best glasses for making a cool, camera-ready fashion statement with every type of outfit.

The Typical Features of DKNY Frames

Comfort and elegance are the two features that every DKNY eyewear design possesses. In addition, there are many design aspects and technical details that make DKNY frames so exquisitely beautiful and wonderfully sturdy. The brand has mastered the art of creating strong, perfectly defined frames that serve as dramatic accessories. DKNY is particularly known for creating square and rectangular frames. These frames are designed to flatter all face shapes by reflecting light and defining the area around the eyes. DKNY creates the best frames for anyone who is a big fan of understated looks. Every collection focuses heavily on classic black frames. In addition, there are usually many shades of gray and clear frames to choose from. That isn’t to stay that DKNY doesn’t know how to play with colors and shapes. In addition to timeless square frames, there are many fun variations of aviator glasses, wayfarer glasses and round glasses to choose from. It is also so easy to get lost in all the whimsy of the bright blue hues, purple tones and tortoise patterns that bring fun and flirtation to each new collection. The one thing that every single design released by the DKNY brand has in common is that they never look cheap or disposable. This is especially important in a fashion landscape where quality often takes a backseat to the desire to pump out as many popular looks as possible without obsessing over quality. The DKNY label offers meticulous craftsmanship and engineering that can be seen and felt. Each frame is created to hug the temples security and comfortably. You will feel the pleasure and pride of owning glasses that stay securely on your face each time you slide on your new DKNY frames.

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Versace Glasses: Glamour and Quality

Enjoy the Glamour and Quality of Versace Glasses

versace GlassesOur fashion blog knows that the Versace glasses label is what people think of when they picture Miami nightclubs, Milan runways and New York City dinner parties. Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, this iconic fashion label is beloved by movie stars, supermodels and socialites. The label also creates many looks that can be enjoyed by regular people who love getting a taste of the finer things in life. People love the look and feel of the Italian-made accessories from Versace. The highlight comes when Versace releases a new eyewear collection each season. These collections are always eagerly anticipated by insiders in the fashion world. One of the most impressive things about Versace glasses and sunglasses is that they are perfectly designed to accommodate prescription lenses. As a result, the brand is one of the most popular names in both the fashion world and the prescription eyewear world. Come enter the Versace universe to discover why this brand has endured through the years. You’re sure to fall in love with modern designs that catch your eye.

The Enduring Popularity of Versace Eyewear

versace GlassesThe plain truth is that Versace is a label that won’t be falling out of favor any time soon. In fact, the brand seems to get stronger with every season. One of the categories of the brand that is growing at the fastest rate is eyewear. Versace glasses offer a decadent, delicious style that people from around the globe want. The label seems to possess a magic formula for blending elements of classic design with cutting-edge details. The Versace label is at its best when it is playing with glossy black finishes, sparkling white surfaces and golden accents. In fact, it is the little details and polished touches that make Versace eyewear stand apart from the pack. The label also knows how to play with colors without cheapening the look of its designs. Why do people love Versace? The brand has an intuitive ability to create frames that are beautiful. It is this timeless beauty that people from around the world are attracted to. Versace knows how to rise above trends and avoid fads without getting stuck in the past. The future always looks elegant when Versace is writing the style rules.

Versace Is the Brand of Choice for Many Celebrities

So many celebrities are loyal to the Versace label. From designer gowns to glamorous accessories, the label knows how to create looks that celebrities can proudly show off on the red carpet. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts, Iggy Azalea and Rihanna are all Versace queens. There are also plenty of leading men who love the look and feel of Versace. Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are all loyal to the label whenever it’s time to rock some sunglasses at red carpet events.

The Legendary Versace Look

Versace makes the best glasses because the label knows how to balance delicate touches and strong details to create flawless products. The label is quite fearless when it comes to bending genres, updating classic looks and introducing creative shapes. In fact, Versace is up to the task of taking on everything from classic aviator shades to flirty cat-eye frames. One thing that every look created by the brand has in common is beauty. There is just something about the way Versace can create streamlined designs that fit the right proportions for elegance and sophistication.

Versace Eyeglasses VE 3212B
versace GlassesHave you been searching for a square frame that balances your desire for a fun look with your need for practiccal glasses? This design by Versace is exactly what you need to feel sophisticated every time you walk out the door. These glasses balance elements of standard square frames with flirty hints of the cat-eye look that everyone is going crazy for this season. These plastic frames also blend a delicate design with the sturdiness and durability you demand from your eyewear. A series of glistening accents at the temples will really catch your eye if you enjoy hints of sparkle and shine. These glasses come in four posh and practical colors that you can choose from.

Versace Eyeglasses VE 1227
versace GlassesThis is the perfect look for you if you prefer a practical, no-nonsense design that still delivers on glamour. Versace designed this look for the man who knows what he wants. These lightweight metal frames offer a comfortable, unobtrusive fit. They go perfectly with any type of outfit. They are also designed to flatter any face shape. Choose this look if you’re a fan of square frames. This is a great alternative to the many thick, statement-making options that are dominating the eyewear scene today. There are four attractive, frills-free colors to choose from when making this great look your own.

Versace Sunglasses VE 4306Q
versace GlassesExpect Hollywood to come calling every time you slip these gorgeous shades on. This glamorous look was made for the red carpet. Of course, you can turn the ground at your feet into your personal red carpet any time you wish when you own this beautiful design. These cat-eye frames are deliciously decadent. They are ideal for anyone who prefers large plastic frames. Enjoy protection from the sun and a feeling of anonymity when you view the world from behind these gorgeous sunglasses. Choose from three rich and luscious gradients when you pick a color to call your own.

Versace Sunglasses VE 4299
versace GlassesEven a man who has everything doesn’t truly have it all until he owns these stunning Versace sunglasses. This look offers an updated spin on the classic aviator style that everybody loves. These frames certainly make a statement of quality and sophistication. In addition, they deliver when it comes to comfort, durability and performance. This is an ideal look to wear whether you’re making the daily commute or you’re out on the yacht for the weekend. This model comes in six classic colors.

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