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Be Cool in Calvin Klein Glasses

calvin klein glassesOur fashion blog knows that few brands ever reach the iconic status of Calvin Klein glasses. The American fashion house has been setting trends and bending the rules since it was founded in 1968. While the brand is famous for everything from jeans and coats to underwear and perfume, it is the Calvin Klein eyewear collection that has really been turning heads in recent seasons. The brand is celebrated for designing smart, sophisticated frames that offer a dash of edginess. Every fashionable person should enjoy the experience of slipping on a pair of Calvin Klein frames.

Why Everybody Thinks Calvin Klein Frames Are Cool

Calvin Klein glasses have that undeniable factor that makes them extremely cool. People are drawn to the smooth lines and crisp details that every pair from the brand’s eyewear collection displays. The great thing about choosing prescription glasses made by Calvin Klein is that the pair you choose is likely to stay in style for many years to come. A person of any age can go through many stages of life without outgrowing their Calvin Klein frames. Of course, the remarkable craftsmanship offered by the brand ensures that every pair of frames it produces is built to last.

The Stars Love Calvin Klein Eyewear

It’s impossible to think of the Calvin Klein glasses label without picturing the roster of stars who have served as models for the brand. Many stars even show up on the red carpet wearing shades by Calvin Klein. Bradley Cooper, Courtney Cox, Kate Moss, Lucy Liu, John Hamm, Jennifer Lawrence and Justin Bieber are just a handful of the celebrities who trust their eyes to designer glasses by the brand. The sleek and smart look that defines the label is beloved by stars looking to appear savvy at script readings, business lunches and promotional appearances. One of the things that is most appealing about Calvin Klein eyewear is that each design manages to earn attention without appearing flashy.

The Signature Look of Calvin Klein Eyewear

Whether we’re talking about glasses styles, hipster frames or subtle spectacles, all designer glasses by Calvin Klein have the ability to make a powerful statement using subtle details. You never have to worry about looking like you’re trying too hard to be hip when you settle on prescription glasses from this label. Every pair of frames is crafted to showcase quality in a hip, natural way. The Calvin Klein label is almost synonymous with dark colors. Most designs are offered in black or basic colors. However, you can also choose some sexy red frames that will remind you of a racing car or candy apple. Subtle patterns, lively blue tones and shades of brown and gray are also featured in the collection. These styles offer a safe way to add some trendy colors to your look without worrying about sacrificing sophistication or quality. There are even a number of rimless frames within the collection that evoke feelings of freshness and clarity. Calvin Klein glasses are ideal for anybody who doesn’t want to look like an amateur. In fact, it’s accurate to say that every striking pair of glasses by the label is wonderfully mature and sophisticated. Define your personal sense of style by slipping on a pair of Calvin Klein frames every time you walk out the door.

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