Persol Eyeglasses: Join the Crowd

Join the Hip Crowd by Wearing Persol Eyeglasses

Persol EyeglassesOur fashion blog knows that Persol eyeglasses make it easy to define your personal style in one fast move. The brand is acclaimed for designing hipster glasses that transcend genres. The current collection from Persol features a hip compilation of frames that are perfect for anyone who likes to check out trendy coffee shops in hip cities or admire vinyl records at vintage music shops. While the brand specializes in trendy designs, it also offers extreme quality and durability. Persol is a brand that’s out to prove that trendy doesn’t have to equate with flimsy. You might be surprised to learn that a brand that is synonymous with cutting-edge style actually dates back all the way to 1917. This is truly a brand that allows wearers to enjoy the benefits of a long legacy of craftsmanship while reveling in the beauty of modern design. Persol frames are manufactured in Italy using high-quality materials and components derived from cotton flowers. You’ll love the international flair of wearing spectacles that were crafted using European engineering.

The Growing Popularity of Persol Eyeglasses

No brand captures what is hot right now quite like Persol does. People flock to this label because it promises to deliver what is current. Persol’s current collection features glasses in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are intended to flatter every facial shape out there. While the brand is decidedly youthful, older clientele will discover many conservative looks that are perfect for the office. The most impressive thing about Persol is that the brand makes wearing prescription glasses fun.

Persol’s Hollywood Connections

While Persol may not be a name that enjoys as much publicity as other designer labels, the brand has developed quite a following in Hollywood in recent seasons. Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Alexander Skarsgård and Patrick Dempsey are all routinely spotted wearing dark shades by Persol. Female stars also love the brand. Slipping on a pair of Persol shades will put you in the company of Zoe Saldana, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart, Kourtney Kardashian, Michelle Williams, Elle Macpherson and Julia Roberts. Stars love looks from this brand when it’s time to look hip on the streets of New York, London or Paris. You can combine Hollywood glamour and street appeal when you slide a pair of these shades on to run errands in whatever town or city you live in.

Experience the Pride of Wearing Persol Designer Glasses

It’s easy to stand a little taller when you know your eyes are framed with quality prescription lenses that are designed using the highest standards and the latest fashion rules. The defining characteristic of the brand is that every pair of frames it produces is free from generic lines. Every square, oval, rectangular and round pair of frames is cut with a certain unique quality that cannot be replicated by lesser brands. The designers behind Persol are masters of color. The richness of the colors used by Persol eyeglasses comes alive without overpowering the wearer. The label offers a wide variety of colors that range from velvety hues of black and rich shades of buttery brown to spellbinding reds and soothing blues. You can also choose from an assortment of bold patterns that display richness and texture.
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