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If eyes are windows to the soul, then spectacles are doorways to style. Our fashion blog agrees that there is no question that designer glasses are the secret weapons Hollywood stars and fashion models use to look stylish, mysterious and intelligent in the blink of an eye. However, the right pair of lenses can transform any person into a confident style icon. Of course, the main objective of any pair of glasses should be to improve vision and enhance clarity.

  Today’s stylish spectacles manage to achieve this goal without hampering one’s look.

If you’re still stuck on the idea that prescription glasses are something you should dread wearing, it’s time to learn about modern spectacle trends that are shaking up the fashion world. Understanding the fashionable power of glasses all comes down to understanding how to choose frames from the most elite optical designers in the world. You might be surprised to learn that the same fashion designers who create the gowns, suits, coats and shoes that grace Europe’s runways also design prescription glasses. If you’re looking for a pair of frames to help you create a signature style and see the world with fresh eyes, discover what’s available from the hottest designer brands in the world.

Vera Wang Spectacles

While Vera Wang is know for designing wedding gowns for countless celebrities, the style icon also has a line of designer glasses that are available to the public. The collection features cool glasses in a wide variety of styles that are meant to complement all facial shapes.

Prada Glasses

Fans of Prada handbags should be delighted to know that the luxury brand also offers a collection of upscale glasses. The brand focuses on creating big glasses that evoke feelings of classic Hollywood glamor. Prada frames are beautifully crafted and extremely durable.

Versace Frames

Versace puts amazing European design and craftsmanship into prescription glasses. The brand offers a line of designer eyewear that includes everything from classic black frames to trendy tortoiseshell glasses.

Tom Ford Spectacles

It would be impossible not to feel totally confident while wearing a pair of glasses designed by Tom Ford. As one of the world’s hottest modern designers, Ford knows how to keep ahead of the curve in terms of shapes and patterns. Glasses from the brand’s collection feature classic colors and innovative shapes that complement faces of all ages.

Gucci Glasses

Gucci has been synonymous with class and style for decades. While many think of black gloves and diamonds while picturing Gucci’s style, the brand offers trendy sunglasses that appeal to hip youngsters and refined adults.

Tiffany & Co. Eyeglasses

Every day can feel as glamorous as an Audrey Hepburn movie when your daily routine includes sliding on a pair of glasses from Tiffany & Co. Since the brand is best known for diamonds and crystals, many styles offered by Tiffany & Co. are encrusted with subtle jewels. The spectacles choices offered by this posh brand range from feminine and flirty to chunky and modern glasses.

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